Happy new year!

 Happy new year!

Belclimb?s editorial staff wishes you a happy 2007. Let your craziest dreams come true: 9b with socks, Everest without oxygen. On our side, we will continue commenting al

Montrail Wasabi: spicy green?

Gear guide Montrail Wasabi: spicy green?

Spice used for the meals of many people of Japan, the Wasabi found its variant as a pair of climbing shoes with a quite spicy taste. This is because the Montrail?s Wasabi

How to manage big colds for your fingers?

Rock How to manage big colds for your fingers?

During the winter, either you choose the relative comfort of a gym, either you choose to go to your favorite crag to take advantage of the friction given by the cold. You

Cordillera Blanca: Peru por favor!

Alpinisme Cordillera Blanca: Peru por favor!

Quite accessible because of its easy summits, the Cordillera Blanca from Peru is the best place for someone who wants to try trekking at high altitude. Ishinca, Tocllaraj

Rock Climbing Altas

 Rock Climbing Altas

Don?t you think we go too easily to extremely popular crags abroad? One more reason to search for places more calm, but not less beautiful. Lieven proposes us in this rep

SteriPen, for a perfectly clean water

Gear guide SteriPen, for a perfectly clean water

Climbers often go in regions where the quality of water is doubtful. To put away all risks, water filters appeared, each with its own qualities and inconvenient. The Ster

Klimax II, a city?s building site

Indoor climbing Klimax II, a city?s building site

We?ve been talking about this wall for a moment now. Klimax II, hollywoodian name given to the extension of the existing gym Klimax at Puurs. A huge annex of about 800 m²

Grenoble?s national boulder Open

Competition Grenoble?s national boulder Open

Chloé Graftiaux follows her road, preparing for he 2007 season in her new town. She took part this Saturday to the A'bloc?s National boulder Open. Second in the end behin

How  combinning capitalism and respect of the environment?

 How combinning capitalism and respect of the environment?

Al Gore?s recent film about the short terms effects on our planet can frighten more than one person. Global warming and ecological disasters are the uncontrolled results

Belgians Champions growing

Competition Belgians Champions growing

Sébastien Berthe and Mathilde Brumagne know well what training means. They pull on their fingers at least five times a week? Their efforts weren?t in vain, they both ende

Climb Junior 2006: results

Competition Climb Junior 2006: results

The Open Bloc that took place this year at Hungaria will stay in the memories. Alix Graftiaux easily won on the women?s side during the fight for the marches of the podiu

Climb Junior 2006: results

Competition Climb Junior 2006: results

Gecko Tank at Liège was under attack this Saturday, not less than 92 young climbers accompanied with their parents and coaches. The goal: to have fun but also to aim the

Interview with Nicolas Januel and Ludo Laurence

Competition Interview with Nicolas Januel and Ludo Laurence

After the Bleau Open 2006, no more doubt. Foreign climbers didn?t hesitate coming to Belgium to pull on their fingers on the boulders witch were challenging. On the two f

BCN's Novembre shop - Part 3

Gear guide BCN's Novembre shop - Part 3

It's been a while since we hadn't heard about a harness... In a light and confortable style we found for you the Mammut's New wave. Are we approching the swiss perfection

Great success for the 2006 Bleau Open

Competition Great success for the 2006 Bleau Open

Bleau is well named. I love Fontainebleau and this afternoon, it was as if I was there. It?s with these words that the French Nicolas Januel congratulated the Bleau Open.

2 x 2nd at Kranj!

Competition 2 x 2nd at Kranj!

Waiting during the whole season, Chloé Graftiaux can at last be glad of her efforts. During the last round of the European Youth Cup that took place this weekend at Kranj

European Youth Cup, status at one round of the end

Competition European Youth Cup, status at one round of the end

Five of our youngsters will go to Kranj this weekend to defend their place in the European top 10. Kranj is as usual the last round of many famous climbing tours. After t

Basics of training

Indoor climbing Basics of training

Endurance, resistance and maximum strength are the three bases of specific climbing training. Words well known of the most experienced of us but that seem Chinese for tho

On a trip with Jean-Louis Wertz

 On a trip with Jean-Louis Wertz

Press photograph Jean-Louis Wertz is mostly known in our sector for his magnificent pictures. He made of his job a real passion witch brought him for a couple of years to

Boulder Bis 2006 : results

Competition Boulder Bis 2006 : results

Didier Mottard and Chloé Graftiauxare the winners of the Belgian bouldering championship 2006, 2nd edition bis. Even if there weren?t many people at the gym Blok in Wilri

November?s BCN shop - Part 2

Gear guide November?s BCN shop - Part 2

It?s getting cold and rainy. Some of us start thinking we won?t go out anymore until the first days of spring. But something new just arrived that should change your mind

The military Belgian team on a trip in Chamonix

Competition The military Belgian team on a trip in Chamonix

Chamonix has a great amount of events each year. During November it?s the International military climbing Open that takes place with more than 7 different nations represe

Ascension of the Dent du Géant

Alpinisme Ascension of the Dent du Géant

At the border between France and Italy, the Dent du Géant stands there with its 4.013 meters, an arrow pointing towards the sky. Last September, it is with full autonomy

November?s BCN shop - Part 1

Gear guide November?s BCN shop - Part 1

Brrrr... It?s getting cold! We are starting to feel it, temperatures are decreasing and everything seems like having a walk in the snow will come quickly. About equipment

End of the bouldering world cup in Moscow

Competition End of the bouldering world cup in Moscow

Regularity pays. The proof during the last round of the UIAA Worldcup Boulder that took place this Friday in Moscow. The general rankings confirm the superiority of Olga

Full finalists at Annecy

Competition Full finalists at Annecy

Our youngsters keep on climbing better and better. At Annecy le Vieux this weekend they where even five in the finals of the European Youth Cup placing one Belgian in eve

October?s BCN shop, part 3

Gear guide October?s BCN shop, part 3

A quick visit in a climbing shop is enough to see there are more than enough belay devices available. For a few months, the choice is even larger with the ATC Guide of Bl

Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Alpinisme Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Guido Riemenschneider is part of the addicted alpine climbers for who mountain is a real passion. Last August, he had the chance to experience the Kirgizes? hospitality d

God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

Rock God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

My name is Sébastien Berthe, I?m 13 and I want to report you a performance of my dad, Eric Berthe, who is 37. Sunday, we went to Freyr and he made ON SIGHT God save the Q

Bouldering in Bretagne

Rock Bouldering in Bretagne

Ploumanach, Tregastel, Kerlouan, does this mention something to you? These name represent a piece of climbing in Bretagne. For those who like bouldering these spots offer

Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

Rock Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

We had to wait for the performance of Véronique Homans to prove us Friday 13th doesn?t bring only unfortune. After some tough 7c, she does God s(h)ave the Queen at Freyr,

BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Gear guide BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Synthetic under-gloves have been available for a very a very long time. Wool under-gloves are on their side relatively new. Icebreaker is now specialized in the Glove Lin

Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

Alpinisme Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

For competitions to long alpine routes, there is only a big step. Chloé Graftiaux, who started a couple of weeks ago her course in order to obtain her ?Brevet d'Etat? at

European Youth Cup Veliko Tarnovo

Competition European Youth Cup Veliko Tarnovo

Each recent European Youth Cup looked like the previous ones. Like at Gdansk 2 months ago, the far away destination - Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria - dissuaded man

Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Rock Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Between two presentation of Patagonia Dreams, there's not much time left for Seán Villanueva to climb. But he uses it very well by doing Masque à gaz, 8b at Freyr this th

Omblèze, summer climbing?

Rock Omblèze, summer climbing?

Hard task to find somewhere cool to climb in summer. Just like Céüse, some spots make the difference by their altitude. Others, in shaded canyons, offer a good alternativ

Freyr?s new guide book

Rock Freyr?s new guide book

Something we?ve been waiting for long just arrived, the new guide book of Freyr. It could not be found during the past two years, the publisher finally decided to republi

Octobre?s BCN shop

Gear guide Octobre?s BCN shop

Trying trekking sticks, is adopting them. Useful during a walk in the North, in approaches on snow et simply for trekking, you quickly get addicted to them. Black Diamond

Warming up, stretching and cooling down

Indoor climbing Warming up, stretching and cooling down

Warming up, stretching and cooling down are things we all do during our climbing sessions. Still you have to know how to do it well. As a piece of advice, read what Tijl

Knowing everything about canyoning

cany Knowing everything about canyoning

A good bath from time to time doesn?t hurt. In a canyon, it?s even better! Still you have to know the bases of this intense but risky activity. Our specialist Tijl on a l

Noé Berger, a young Luxemburgish who moves

Competition Noé Berger, a young Luxemburgish who moves

We often meet Noé Berger in our gyms during climbing competitions. This time this 15 years old Luxemburgish went outdoor to do Hasta la vista gringo, 8b at Berdorf a rout

8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Rock 8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Father's Day at Donner Summit in California is one of the hardest trad 8b+ at the moment. Knowing the crux is without any bolts and with the risk of a 15 meters fall... i

September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Gear guide September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Forget the first missed attempts of Mammut in making climbing shoes. It is now another big opponent present in this sector already full. Here, the all new Goblin, scratch

Chloé crushes resistance at Nice

Competition Chloé crushes resistance at Nice

Chloé Graftiaux offered herself her first big international senior victory. This was at the La Colmiane?s international boulder Open where gathered all leaders of the dis

Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

They went all through Patagonia looking for extrem routes and sensations. They came back with full memories and pictures in their head. To share them, nothing such as tak

Nico Favresse lost in translation

Rock Nico Favresse lost in translation

After freeing l'Appât last year, it seemed like Nicolas Favresse had fell in love with the Yosemite. On this 30th of august he freed another route this time on El Cap nam

Our juniors victorious in The Netherlands

Competition Our juniors victorious in The Netherlands

The third Climbing for Kids meeting took place last weekend in Amsterdam. As usual our juniors were brilliant and got this time a first place (one more) for Loïc Timmerma

September BCN shop - Part 1

Gear guide September BCN shop - Part 1

Amateur of indoor and outdoor climbing, Tijl has recently climbed with the new Boreal Joker Velcro: extra comfortable climbing shoes with a rubber getting better and bett

Chloé, very deserving sportswoman

 Chloé, very deserving sportswoman

Two years after Muriel Sarkany, it?s Chloé Graftiaux who was rewarded this Tuesday with the Trophé du Mérite sportif de la Communauté française, a reward granted to deser

Martin Content in good shape!

Rock Martin Content in good shape!

After doing three 8b?s in three weeks, Martin Content surely regrets not to go more often in Rodellar. His stay in Spain permitted him to do Alter Ego, Gladiator and Bota

Chloé Graftiaux, 8th at the Arco?s Rock Master

Competition Chloé Graftiaux, 8th at the Arco?s Rock Master

It had been quite a while since a Belgian athlete hadn?t had the privilege of competing in one of the world?s finest competition: the Arco?s Rock Master. Chloé Graftiauxr

Female 7c at Freyr

Rock Female 7c at Freyr

The Freyr?s cliffs count many major routes but only few women managed to conquer them. However, the myth is slowly starting to fade. This week two 7c?s particularly techn

BCN shop of August

Gear guide BCN shop of August

It is often very important to simplify as many things as you can for the long treks in Chamonix. Alpine style, optimum equipment, maximum speed. At this little game, manu

World Youth Championship at Imst

Competition World Youth Championship at Imst

The amount of young competitors who go to the World Climbing Championship doesn?t impress us anymore. At Imst this weekend 379 competitors took part to the lead contest.

Benjamin Fallet does On s'pète la ruche

Rock Benjamin Fallet does On s'pète la ruche

A couple of weeks after his climbing mate Jérôme De Boeck, it?s Benjamin Fallet?s turn to do the hardest route in the Gorges d?Omblèze: On s'pète la ruche, 8b+. Good job!

Klimmalaya expedition at KR2?s summit

Alpinisme Klimmalaya expedition at KR2?s summit

Gone at the beginning of the month from Belgium, the Klimmalaya 2006 expedition composed of 6 young Belgians reached it?s goal this 14th of August: to climb both of

Alpine climbing around Bourg St Maurice

Alpinisme Alpine climbing around Bourg St Maurice

The good weather in September is generally favorable to accomplish some alpine routes in the splendid Vanoise. Some of them to mention: l'Aiguille de la Nova, the Pierra

Nicolas Favresse reappears

Rock Nicolas Favresse reappears

From the Patagonian big walls to the crags of Nevada, there is only one step... Staying a couple of days at Donner Summit, Nicolas Favresse reappears after an absence of

Belgians at World cups

Competition Belgians at World cups

The season being at it?s half, time to check our compatriots? results in Climbing World Cup. Report, the places in the finales are harder and harder to get, like the last

Belgian tops in Spitzbergen

Alpinisme Belgian tops in Spitzbergen

In the far Spitzbergen, Frank Mattens and Peter Meert just stayed more than 3 weeks in total autonomy. The two highest local peaks were at the program: the Newtontop

Saint Antonin Noble-Val, at one step of the spanish Pyrénées

Rock Saint Antonin Noble-Val, at one step of the spanish Pyrénées

On your way from France to Spain do not hesitate to make a stop at Saint Antonin Noble-Val near Toulouse, a little crag full of climbing possibilities. Read mor

Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

Alpinisme Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

An Laenen, Hans Mariën, Jasper De Coninck and Stijn Dekeyser, four Youngs from 16 to 25, just conquered the Great Trango Tower within the context of the VBSF Mount Coach

You should have been at Gdansk

Competition You should have been at Gdansk

No vacations for our youngsters. Fourteen of them made the trip to Gdansk in Poland where stood the second round of the European Youth Cup. With the absence of some leade

BCN Shop: July 2006

Gear guide BCN Shop: July 2006

Did you say hot temperature? Nothing better then than drag a light and breathable pant. But it's still not easy with 30°C. Happy for us, we tested it 

Live from Omblèze

Rock Live from Omblèze

The scorching heat doesn?t stop motivated climbers, some even keep climbing with talent. At Omblèze in the Vercors (France) where the daily temperature didn?t pass under

Sarkany 8th in Chamonix

Competition Sarkany 8th in Chamonix

Angela Eiter will not stop to surprise us. In Chamonix during the last lead World Cup round she finished first ten moves after her closest opponent, French Caroline Ciava

Ekaterinburg: to forget as soon as possible

Competition Ekaterinburg: to forget as soon as possible

There are things to forget as soon as possible. Days while climbing seems difficult. Even sometimes clouds or storm make climbing impossible. What happens during the Euro

Hall, one week before the Euro

Competition Hall, one week before the Euro

Chloé Graftiaux rocked again during the last round of the UIAA Boulder Climbing World Cup 2006 in Hall Austria. She finished 5th... again. Olga Bibik took

BCN Shop: June 2006

Gear guide BCN Shop: June 2006

Focus on this: simple, light, breathable and resistant... Put a little bit sun into and you get two master pieces of work: the Patagonia Capilene Graphic T and the Mammut

Graftiaux 5th in Fiera di Primiero

Competition Graftiaux 5th in Fiera di Primiero

Chloé Graftiaux took the 5th place this week-end during the UIAA Boulder Climbing World Cup in Fiera di Primiero. Another good performance but no podium yet. French&

Sarkany 6th in Grindelwald

Competition Sarkany 6th in Grindelwald

Surprising invitee during the Boulder Climbing World Cup in Grindelwald Muriel Sarkany did better than expected. As lead climber she finished 6th in final after

UIAA Lead Climbing World Cup Dresden

Competition UIAA Lead Climbing World Cup Dresden

Storm on Dresden during the last UIAA World Cup Lead Climbing round. First of all the young Austrian David Lama, 15 years old, won his first senior lead climbin

Climbing in Turkey

Rock Climbing in Turkey

After living of few months in Turkey Pieterjan De Roo came back in Belgium with a lot of souvenirs and a great report about biggest local climbing area: Geyikbayiri. Read

UIAA Boulder World Cup Rovereto

Competition UIAA Boulder World Cup Rovereto

After her fourth place in Puurs Chloé Graftiaux made another sensational result last weekend during the Boulder World Cup of Rovereto. A new final round for her

UIAA Worldcup Puurs, the results

Competition UIAA Worldcup Puurs, the results

Angela Eiter and Flavio Crespi are the winners of the first round of the UIAA Worldcup lead, that took place at Klimax this weekend. Chloé Graftiaux was the only Belgian

8b for 15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo

Rock 8b for 15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo

15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo from Liège sent last thursday his first 8b with Migranya in Siurana, Spain. Well done my friend! 

Madrid: climbing Mecca?

Rock Madrid: climbing Mecca?

Climbing, alpinism, soft trail (NL), you will find everything you need in the neighbourhood of Madrid. Let's get a look there. It seems very interesting. Hendrik de

Patagonia Dreams: it's over!

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams: it's over!

The Patagonia Dreams expedition comes to end. Nicolas, Olivier Favresse, Seán Villanueva and Mike Lecomte are back in Belgium to take some rest! Let's share a little

BCN forums closed

 BCN forums closed

[update: april fools] Due to the recent complications on the BCN Café, we decided to shut down the forums.

After Jura, try the Ain

cany After Jura, try the Ain

Discover an other canyoning experience made by Dietger. After Jura, he went to the Ain. Ideal between two weekends full of climbing (FR).

Canyoning in the French Jura

cany Canyoning in the French Jura

Only a few activities give us adrenaline as much as climbing. Canyoning is one of those! Dietger tries it for us in the French Jura (FR).

The way to Altitude CCM

Indoor climbing The way to Altitude CCM

One of the most extraordinary gym of Belgium is located in Braine l'Alleud, little city next to Brussels. A climbing gym full of history. Maybe one of the first in the wo

UIAA boulder Worldcup Birmingham: Graftiaux 5th

Competition UIAA boulder Worldcup Birmingham: Graftiaux 5th

In the Birmingham NEC, 18 years old Chloé Graftiaux surprises everybody during the UIAA Boulder Climbing Worldcup 2006 opening round. She gets an amazing 5th pl

Climb 2006 - the results

Competition Climb 2006 - the results

The Belgian Championship lead climbing 2006 delivers surprising results. After years of absence, Muriel Sarkany wins the crown again. This time ex-aequo with young M

BCN shop: March 2006

Gear guide BCN shop: March 2006

We tested for you the best products to go through the latest winter days and easily send your first climbing projects of the year. Read our product reviews (FR)

Mallorca in Montrails

Gear guide Mallorca in Montrails

Let's see Tijl walking around Mallorca with his brand new Montrail Stratos XCR. An interesting discovery tour of the island best climbing areas. To read (FR)...

UIAA Worldcup Puurs: 28 & 29 april 2006

Competition UIAA Worldcup Puurs: 28 & 29 april 2006

The UIAA Worldcup Puurs 2006 aka Goldfinger VII is programmed on friday and saturday 28 & 29 april. See you in Klimax for the first round of the UIAA lead climbi

Vertical Event 2006: results

Competition Vertical Event 2006: results

Climbing fans shared a unique experience last saturday during the Vertical Event 2006 in Entre Ciel et Terre. Mix of boulder and difficulty, this Master welcomed thi

They rode on the storm!

Alpinisme They rode on the storm!

They made it! After two weeks without any news the Patagonia Dreams-team (Nicolas and Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Mike Lecomte) announces through their website

Belgian Boulder Championship 2006

Competition Belgian Boulder Championship 2006

With its totally new structure climbing gym Blok (Wilrijk) welcomed last saturday the Belgian Boulder Championship 2006. Chloé Graftiaux and Jérôme Abraham take the title

Climbing in Mali

Rock Climbing in Mali

Borred of the southern Europe crags? Try then Africa and especially Mali. Xavier Bonjean made this a few months ago: he climbed with Elie Chevieux the 600 meter

Exclusive interview with Fred Rouhling

Rock Exclusive interview with Fred Rouhling

Fred Rouhling spends 10 minuts with us to speak about his new way of climbing. Back in the good way? Certainly! He surprises us with his undefeated passion for climbing.

Canyoning in Mallorca

cany Canyoning in Mallorca

Ice climbing could be the best climbing activity in winter time. Frozen waterfalls, ice, axes, ... But in the same time Mallorca still offers plenty of non-froz

Patagonia Dreams

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams

They dreamed about it. They did it! Nicolas Favresse and his brother Olivier, Seán Villanueva and Mike Lecomte are currently in Patagonia to try the hardest big walls on

BCN shop January 2006

Gear guide BCN shop January 2006

Winter is winter... We tested for you some interesting gear to live the next three months in a confortable way. On this page: our review of the TNF Women's Seamless

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

Happy and healthy 2006 full of climbing projects! May be the force be with you!

Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters of troubles

Alpinisme Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters of troubles

There are many ways to reach the top of the Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters summit in the Berner Oberland (Switzerland). One seams harder than the others: thro

Slideshow: climbing pictures

Rock Slideshow: climbing pictures

Dolomites, Oisans, Calanques and Verdon. Let's start 2006 with amazing pictures of some great french and italian climbing spots: slideshow.