Strong performance in Fontainebleau

Rock Strong performance in Fontainebleau

Last week-end in Fontainebleau Jan Gorrebeeck and Jan De Smit sent both La Balance sans la prise tailée (8a). With such weather conditions in the forest, coming winter se

Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation

Competition Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation

The climbing gym Bleau from Ghent is well known in Belgium for its famous competition, the biggest in our country: the Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation.&nbs

Climb Junior 2005 second edition

Competition Climb Junior 2005 second edition

The second edition of the Belgian Youth Championship 2005 took place in Klimax last saturday. 91 young climbers attended to the competition to get their fi

European Youth Cup Kranj

Competition European Youth Cup Kranj

Last round and final results of the European Youth Cup 2005 last sunday in Kranj (Slovenia). With two holds left in the final, Chloé Graftiaux takes the second

Garanty of adventure in Bolivia

Alpinisme Garanty of adventure in Bolivia

Nele Bellinckx shares her bolivian experience with us (FR). One month holiday and a lot of stories to tell.

UIAA Worldcup Kranj

Competition UIAA Worldcup Kranj

The UIAA Worldcup 2005 is over. During the last round of the Worldcup in Kranj (SLO), Angela Eiter and Flavio Crespi topped-out qualification, semi and final. T

BCC Boulder 2005-2006: final results

Competition BCC Boulder 2005-2006: final results

First lady in the A category of the Belgian Climbing Cup Boulder 2005-2006: Chloé Graftiaux. First man: Nicolas Farcy. Both talented young climbers! Discover on this page

Olympia climbing gym

Indoor climbing Olympia climbing gym

One of the most legendary climbing gym of Belgium is called Olympia, partner of the BCN. Two month ago we decided to have a look at the gym and to feel the continuou

Climbing in Bretagne

 Climbing in Bretagne

The extreme west part of France is well known for its windy and rainy weather. After a 3 months stay in Brest, Ludo Portier tells you that this cliché is far fr

European Youth Cup Penne

Competition European Youth Cup Penne

8 finalists on 10 climbers. That is the never seen result of the belgian climbing team during the last European Youth Cup at Penne (Italy). In junior, Chlo

Weisshorn by the North Ridge

Alpinisme Weisshorn by the North Ridge

Read here the fantastic climbing of the Weisshorn by the north ridge. An article written for you by Bart Naert (in french).

UIAA Worldcup Valence

Competition UIAA Worldcup Valence

No Belgian finalists (for the first time this year) during the worldcup round of Valence. With this new victory Austrian girl Angela Eiter wins the UIAA Worldcup 200

Bouldering in de french Vosges

 Bouldering in de french Vosges

At 4 hours from Brussels by car, the french Vosges offer great opportunities of bouldering. Discover it here (article in French)!

BCN shop: October review

Gear guide BCN shop: October review

Before winter, for inside our outside climbing, you will need this new pieces. At the program of our monthly BCN review: Veloce climbing shoes of italian brand Scarp

Belgian Climbing Cup, round 2

 Belgian Climbing Cup, round 2

New victory for Nicolas Farcy and Chloé Graftiaux during the second round of the Belgian Climbing Cup Boulder in Roc House. Read the article of our reporter, Ti

UIAA Worldcup Shanghai

Competition UIAA Worldcup Shanghai

Is Angela Eiter unbeatable? No! In Shanghai this weekend she finished 2nd for the first time this year in the official competition calendar. Slovenian Maja Vidmar to

Belgian Pierre Humblet, UIAA Acting President

 Belgian Pierre Humblet, UIAA Acting President

After the General Assembly in Singapore, Alan Blackshaw resigned from President. In accordance with the UIAA Statutes, Pierre Humblet, former Vice President, becomes acti

Europen Youth Cup Geneva

Competition Europen Youth Cup Geneva

Good results for the belgian team during the last European Youth Cup at Geneva. 4 finals and numerous good performances. Alix and Chloé Graftiaux finish 5th and 3rd

BCC 2005 Round 1

Competition BCC 2005 Round 1

In 2005, the Belgian Climbing Cup consists in a bouldering competition. First round last saturday at Klimzaal Blok (Wilrijk). In the Ladies A category, th

UIAA Worldcup Marbella

Competition UIAA Worldcup Marbella

No change in the international competition ranking. At Marbella (Spain), Angela Eiter wins again... Muriel Sarkany gets the fifth place. And finally, Chloé

Nicolas Favresse opens L'appât in Yosemite

Rock Nicolas Favresse opens L'appât in Yosemite

Belgian climber Nicolas Favresse opens L'appât (VI 5.13a, 450m) at the Yosemite Falls Wall (L?Appât means the bait or lure in french). He signs the first free ascent of t

Bouldering around Chamonix

Rock Bouldering around Chamonix

Are you sitting in the Chamonix valley? Maybe you will decide to get one or two days easy climbing. The Belgian Climbing Network visits last July the fores

UIAA World Youth Championships Beijing

Competition UIAA World Youth Championships Beijing

2004: third place for Chloé Graftiaux at the World Youth Championships organised in Edimburgh. 2005: last week at Beijing (China), heavy competition and technical ro

Yosemite revisited

Rock Yosemite revisited

Nicolas Favresse in the US. You know? For us well. This time Nicolas reachs the States without his friend Séan Villanueva. Party time (in french).

BCN shop: August review

Gear guide BCN shop: August review

Our review of the month brings you the best products to live a  sunny (or cloudy) summer. Discover here: Sprayway Lightspeed Jacket, climbing shoes Katana Woman made

International Worldgames Duisburg

Competition International Worldgames Duisburg

The World Games 2005 at Duisburg (Germany) are done. Belgium brings home 11 medals: 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze. Unfortunately for her, Muriel Sarkany is not part

UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

Competition UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

With 6 competitors in the finals of the Chamonix UIAA Worldcup, it seems that the french national journey has boosted the motivation of the local climbers. But the final

UIAA World Championship Munich

Competition UIAA World Championship Munich

The UIAA World Championships happen in Munich from 1 to 5 July. Angela Eiter won tonight the lead climbing competition. American Emily Harrington and Japan

Victory on Gurla Mandata

Alpinisme Victory on Gurla Mandata

A Belgian CAB expedition, section Brabant, with Guy Carbonnelle, Edouard Deramée, Lambert Martin and Yves Raymaekers, was able to summit the 7760 meter high Gur

UIAA Worldcup Zurich

Competition UIAA Worldcup Zurich

Zurich welcomed last weekend the fourth UIAA Worldcup of the season. Statu quo for the ladies with a new victory of Angela Eiter, her fourth of the year. Muriel Sark

BCN shop: june review

Gear guide BCN shop: june review

Holidays are close to the door. Discover here some hot new products described by the BCN team: sweetshirt Patagonia R.5 Top, trekking shoes Trango Trek Micro of La Sporti

Bleau, De Grès Six, the book

Rock Bleau, De Grès Six, the book

Bleau, De Grès Six, the new topo of French boulder cathedral Fontainebleau. Kevin read, climbed and approved.

Benjamin Fallet climbs Carabistouille, 8b+

Rock Benjamin Fallet climbs Carabistouille, 8b+

After weeks of sunny weather in Freyr, last sunday gave winter temperatures on the crag. Benjamin Fallet took two minutes of his time to send Carabistouille, 8b+.

UIAA Worldcup Imst

Competition UIAA Worldcup Imst

Two climbers from Belgium took part to the UIAA Worldcup of Imst. Final result: not so bad... Chloé Graftiaux finished 22th and world champion Muriel Sarkany 7th. First t

BCN shop: may review

Gear guide BCN shop: may review

This time in our monthly product review: backpack Alpine Attack of Lowe Alpine, climbing shoes Method by Montrail, mid-trekking shoes Adrenaline by The North Fa

European Youth Cup Imst

Competition European Youth Cup Imst

The European Youth Cup offers a great opportunity to our Belgian youth to measure themselves with the European elite at a high competition level. This weekend it al happe

UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

Competition UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

Last saturday Belgium welcomed the second UIAA Worldcup in Klimax (Puurs), an extraordinary event to celebrate the best climbers of the world. Angela Eiter and Ramon Ju

UIAA Worldcup Veliko Tarnovo

Competition UIAA Worldcup Veliko Tarnovo

The first round of the UIAA Worldcup lead climbing (read: difficulty) took place this weekend in Veliko Tarnovo, a magnificent town in Bulgary. More than 60 par

Chloé climbs Fatfinger

Rock Chloé climbs Fatfinger

A few weeks ago, two of her left hand fingers were flattened in the door of a climbing gym but now she took revenge: Chloé Graftiaux has climbed Fatfinger (8a) at the Tro

BCN shop: march review

Gear guide BCN shop: march review

Open your eyes. BCN describes for you 4 new spring products: the micro-climbing shoe Grommet of Montrail, the softshell Ninja Hoody made by Lowe Alpine, the climbing shoe

Le Clou, the third ascent

Rock Le Clou, the third ascent

Sunday evening March 20th, a cool breeze after a sunny day. Perfect conditions in Freyr. Olivier Favresse, who became second on the Belgian Championship the day 

Belgian Championship for Seniors: results

Competition Belgian Championship for Seniors: results

Today the Belgian Championship difficulty for seniors took place in Face Nord (Mons). Victory for Women was for Alix Graftiaux, and in the&n

Belgian Senior Championship

Competition Belgian Senior Championship

As an invitation for the public and as a teaser for the participants the BCCC publishes the starting list. Those who want to see these 30 climbers at work are kindly invi

Open des Jeunes L'Escale

Competition Open des Jeunes L'Escale

The first edition of this Open Youth Competition in L'Escale (Arlon) was quiet succesfull: 69 young climbers arrived to compete in 10 different categories. In the highest

Open d'escalade Roc Evasion

Competition Open d'escalade Roc Evasion

Yesterday the Open d'escalade Roc Evasion took place in Roc Evasion (Jambes) A lot of young and thus new climbers in our overview. In t

Nicolas Favresse 9a

Rock Nicolas Favresse 9a

Back in 2004: Nicolas Favresse (website) sent Estado Critico in Siurana (Spain), the first belgian 9a ascent. Januari 2005, he made it again: this time in El Chorro. His

Belgian Boulder Championship

Competition Belgian Boulder Championship

2005 edition of the Belgian Boulder Championship delivers us the same winners as 2004: Chloé Graftiaux (Ladies) and Jérôme Abraham Men. Discover the pictures taken by Hub

Look at the banners

 Look at the banners

New year, new start for the Belgian Climbing Network. With two new partners: The North Face and Montrail. Thanks to them!

Iceclimbing in Norway

Alpinisme Iceclimbing in Norway

Jo Dotremont reached Norway during the New Year holidays. Read his article (in dutch).

Training tricks

 Training tricks

With 2005 come the usual resolutions: more and better climbing. We have the solution for you: some training tricks from our visitors (in french).

Our best wishes for 2005!

 Our best wishes for 2005!

The bcn team wishes you an happy new year and all the best for 2005!