Alpinisme Bivouac

Each alpinist has his story. For Maarten Muylle, since last autumn. In the ascent of the Mont Brulé (Arolla), he discovers what "bivouac" means. A little promenade became


Indoor climbing Injury?

You have climbing injuries but you don't know how to manage the disaster... read this review written by Tijl (in french).

Climbing in Jordan

Rock Climbing in Jordan

Bruno Bosilo send us today a beautiful article (in french) and slideshow of his last trip to Jordan.

Belgian Climbing Cup

Competition Belgian Climbing Cup

Third and last manche of the Belgian Climbing Cup this weekend in Altitude Sport (Doische). The results are already known. No doubt, there are winners in all categories.

Yosemite, third

Rock Yosemite, third

Third and last article over the american bigwalls. Raf Elst and Gorik Dirix take us to the lowest crag of the Yosemite valley (article in dutch).

European Youth Cup Kranj

Competition European Youth Cup Kranj

One week after the oldtimers, Kranj welcomed the last European Youth Cup of the year. Three Belgian girls made there what we were waiting for. 6th place for Mathilde Brum

More Yosemite

Rock More Yosemite

Second episode of our trip to Yosemite. This time, Gorik Dirix and Raf Elst take us through the most amazing routes of all US. Want to join the team (article in Dutc

Muriel 2nd

Competition Muriel 2nd

No victory for Muriel Sarkany during the last UIAA Worldcup at Kranj. She finishes 5th and takes the 2nd place at the final UIAA Worldcup ranking. With a victory in Slove

Yosemite: part 1

Rock Yosemite: part 1

Séan Villanueva and Nicolas Favresse were in the Yosemite one month ago. They came back with beautiful pictures and a lot of stories. Discover their experience between o

UIAA Worldcup Brno

Competition UIAA Worldcup Brno

The suspense goes through. Brno in Czech Republic didn't give us the final ranking of the 2004 UIAA Wordlcup... Muriel Sarkany finished 5th when Angela Eiter finished onl

Esperanza repeated

Rock Esperanza repeated

Jérôme Abraham sent yesterday Esperanza, new 8b+ on the Al'Legne south face, at Freyr.

Sarkany in pole position

Competition Sarkany in pole position

Muriel Sarkany wins this week-end the victory of the UIAA Worldcup of Valence (France). She was the only to send the route of final with her extraordinary slow-motio

UIAA worldcup Aprica

Competition UIAA worldcup Aprica

The battle for the final victory of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 is pending. This week-end in Aprica (Italy), Muriel Sarkany finished 11th. Her strongest opponent, austrian Ang

Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

Competition Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

The Belgian Commission for Competition Climbing sent us today the final results of the  first Belgian Climbing Cup competititon wich takes places last saturday&

8b, 2 x 8a, 7c+, 7c, 2 x 7b, 7a+, 6c+

Rock 8b, 2 x 8a, 7c+, 7c, 2 x 7b, 7a+, 6c+

This formula is not mathematics. It is the Golden 9, 9 routes on the north face of the Mérinos at Freyr. Olivier Coenen sent it all in one day and received for this succe

Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Competition Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Muriel Sarkany finished 2nd at the UIAA World Cup of Shanghai. She is still leading the temporary WC ranking with over 65 points on the Austrian Angela Eiter (who won thi

Mont-Blanc, Route Royale

Alpinisme Mont-Blanc, Route Royale

Enjoy the report of an expedition to the top of Europe by the famous Route Royale. The story of a try by Herman Desmet (article in French).

Muriel wins in Spain

Competition Muriel wins in Spain

Muriel Sarkany is challenging a 6th final victory in the UIAA Worldcup. Well done Muriel, a step over! She won this weekend the Marbella meeting. Tomas Mrazek took t

Trip Report: Tralenta

Rock Trip Report: Tralenta

Our boulder specialist Ivan Moreels find a way to leave Belgium this summer and discover a new boulder paradise in France, Tralenta: a real paradise with water and things

Direct Shift Box

Rock Direct Shift Box

Believe it or not, Freyr has a new 8b on her tables. Opened and sent by Werner Hofmans, the combination calls DSG. 100 meters below following the river, yo

UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

Competition UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

Nothing stops Muriel Sarkany. In the french Chamonix, she fought against rain, wind and other competitors to win the third round of the UIAA Worldcup 2004. Angela Ei

European Championship Lecco

Competition European Championship Lecco

Four Belgian reached Italy this week for the European Climbing Championship. Without Sarkany, they did the best they could to represent Belgium on the plastic roc structu

New pictures of Werner Van Steen

 New pictures of Werner Van Steen

Do you like climbing pictures? Werner Van Steen is one of the best belgian photographer. Find here a selection of his pictures. Do you want more? Reach his website: bould

Urban Climbing in Brussels

 Urban Climbing in Brussels

Muriel Sarkany sent last monday the famous Basilique de Koekelberg (Brussels). Hubert was on the top and took pictures of her. Take a look at the results (in french).

Bouldering shoes, a test

Gear guide Bouldering shoes, a test

Here we are. The Belgian Climbing Network publishes its first test around climbing shoes. Four models under the spotlights (in french)!

Kalymnos, climbing paradise

Rock Kalymnos, climbing paradise

Somebody said us that Kalymnos will be in the next few months the newclimbing Mecca. Maybe... Look and enjoy this article of Kurt Withouck (in french).

UIAA Worldcup Imst

Competition UIAA Worldcup Imst

Last week-end, three Belgians participated to the UIAA Worldcup of Imst, second step of the tournament. Muriel Sarkany made her best but finished after two Austrians girl

Manneken Pis

 Manneken Pis

Our national symbol, Manneken Pis get last month an amazing new clothes packet. He became alpinist! Report by André Stoop (in french).

Shingen, take 7 or was it 8?

Rock Shingen, take 7 or was it 8?

Once the hardest route at Freyr and still a must if you want to prove your top class: Shingen (8b+)  has seen its 7th (or 8th, we lost count somewhere) repeat, by&nb

First Belgian 9a!

Rock First Belgian 9a!

We just learned from our inside-contact Séan that Nicolas Favresse managed to climb Estado Critico (9a) at Siurana (Spain). Congrats!!! We hope to give you some more

Two new 8b's at Freyr

Rock Two new 8b's at Freyr

Nicolas Favresse is without doubt the strongest Belgian rock climber of the moment. Within the same week he managed to open and liberate two 8b-routes at Freyr. La vie es

No victory for Muriel

Competition No victory for Muriel

Natalija Gros wins the first heat of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 at Klimax (Puurs). The men's competition was won by Tomas Mrazek who was the only one to top the finals' route

Trip reports

Rock Trip reports

Freyr is not the best crag in the world, for sure... Every day we receive reports from our visitors climbing aroud the world. This time, Guy Van den Bergh & le clan l

European Youth Cup Genève

Competition European Youth Cup Genève

First European Youth Cup in Genève and first victory for the belgian Chloé Graftiaux in Youth A. Her sister Alix Graftiaux, and Mathilde Brumagne take a fifth place in th


Rock Cimaï

Benjamin Fallet comes us back with an article (in French) about his winter holiday in Cimaï (France). Pictures of Florian Castagne.

Werner Hofmans, interview

 Werner Hofmans, interview

Discover Werner Hofmans, famous belgian climber: his life, his passion... Just a climber!


Rock BCN &

The Belgian Climbing Network and have started a partnership. On the main page of our routedatabase you can see the most recent input from Belgia

UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

Competition UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

The first heat of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 will take place at Klimax (Puurs, Belgium) on 22 - 24 april. All necessary information and ticket ordering is available at the UI

First climbing fair in Belgium

 First climbing fair in Belgium

The first Climbing Fair in Belgium will take place at Klimzaal Blok (Wilrijk) on saturday 14 february 2004. More than 20 climbing brands will expose their material to the

UIAA Worldcup in Klimax

Competition UIAA Worldcup in Klimax

It is sure! Klimax will be the first climbing gym to organize an UIAA Worldcup in Belgium. The dates are fixed: from 23 till 25 april 2004. More details soon: the Belgian

8a+ for Aline

Rock 8a+ for Aline

Aline Lambert sent last Sunday Mass Destruction (8a+) at Castillon (Nice). A little bit sooner, saturday exactly, she climbed Massiv Attack (8a). For more information abo

Wilderness First Responder

 Wilderness First Responder

Tijl wrote us an article about a Wilderness First Responder course he followed in November. Hopefully he'll never have to use it in real life.

Urban Climbing

 Urban Climbing

Discover the fantastic Urban climbing pictures that Jean-Louis Wertz took at Sart Tilman (Liège). His friends in action.

Nico's update

 Nico's update

The official website of Nicolas Favresse is now online. To discover a little bit more about his life, feelings and ascents, click on this link!

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody from the BCN team. Our little present is a nice slideshow on Fontainebleau by Martin Calliano.