Hector sends 8b

Rock Hector sends 8b

Hector Delcampo, Belgian ànd editor of Spanish climbing magazine Desnivel, realised the problem El monstruo de las regletas at El Escorial. Rated 8b (V13)

Interview with Heath Norton

 Interview with Heath Norton

The first issue of the brand new magazine VBouldering comes out this month. Belgian bouldering specialist Francis Dierick had an interview with editor-in-chief Heath Nort

Bleau Open

Competition Bleau Open

Laurens Put and Niki Rogiers are talented photographers and good guys: they provided uw with some nice pictures of the Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation. Click here for exp

BCN website partner

 BCN website partner

BCN partners with, a great resource on hiking in Belgium, available in Dutch, Franch and English. Alike the Belgian Climbing Network, is a profes

How to climb 8b?

Indoor climbing How to climb 8b?

The answer is rather simple: change your name in Jerome Abraham, go to Stone Age (Woluwe) and climb the latest masterpiece of Tintin... the pictures are over here, with a

OVJK pictures

Competition OVJK pictures

We've got some nice pictures by Laurens Put and our editor-in-chief of the Open Flemish Youth Climbing Championship of last weekend (comments are in Dutch).

Ethics in route setting

Competition Ethics in route setting

We are informed that the routes of the UIAA Worldcup edition in Kranj were built by the personal trainer of Martina Cufar. This has happened for the second year in a row.

Muriel holds World Cup

Competition Muriel holds World Cup

After the WC round at Kranj (SLO), where Muriel Sarkany became second, Muriel has won the World Cup with a difference of 15 point to Martina Cufar. Our congratulations!


Competition Pictures

Here are some great pictures from last week's competitions: Klimindoor Masters & Future Sports Climbing competition.

USA bouldering trip

Rock USA bouldering trip

Francis Dierick has returned from the USA where he spent a whole month bouldering at Mecca, Bischop, Yosemite, Castle Rock and Joe's Valley. At Yosemite he climbed The Fo

5th victory for Muriel

Competition 5th victory for Muriel

Murel Sarkany has strenghtened her leadership in this years' UIAA WOrld Ranking. She won the Kuala Lumpur competition (MAL), before French Sandrine Levet and Suisse Annat

Lovely weather, good climbing

Rock Lovely weather, good climbing

The extra long weekend was a good motivation for the belgian climbers to show us some nice climbing: 15-year old Stéphane Hanssens climbed 8a for the first time with Oran

Jérôme Abraham repeats Carabistouilles

Rock Jérôme Abraham repeats Carabistouilles

Past friday, Jérôme Abraham climbed Carabistouilles (8b+) in Freyr. Carabistouilles was opened in 1988 by Arnould t'Kint and repeted lather by Jean-Pol Finné. She is know

The Doors

Rock The Doors

The Doors of Perception is a brand new artificial route on the Al'Legne at Freyr, opened by Koen Hauchecorne. Have a look at the topo here.

OFYC 2001

Competition OFYC 2001

Here are the details of the Open Flemish Youth Championschip 2001. Belgian and foreign climbers, younger than 19, can participate in the competition, wich is held at nove

UIAA Worldcup Lecco

Competition UIAA Worldcup Lecco

Again, Muriel Sarkany did not manage to win a round of the UIAA Worldcup this year: at Lecco (Italy) she became second after the French boulder-specialist Sandrine Levet.

Doping in Belgium

 Doping in Belgium

The jokes of the belgian governments often go hand in hand with a devalorization of the belgian image at the international level. Last in date, the passage of the caravan

Arco : Muriel wins... with Martina.

Competition Arco : Muriel wins... with Martina.

This year, the famous Rock Master from Arco offered (under the rain) to us what we can call a sharing... Where we could expect disputed victories, we received a lot of e

Nico Favresse is back in business

Rock Nico Favresse is back in business

Nicolas Favresse, the young belgian super climber, is back in business after a few months of injury. He just did La Chronique de la Haine Ordinaire in Ceüse (FR).

Koen De Blauw reachs the top of Mont-Blanc

Alpinisme Koen De Blauw reachs the top of Mont-Blanc

Sunday, Koen De Blauw finally reached the top of the Mont-Blanc after its many unfruitful attempts of July. Surrounded by his companions and its video team Woestijnvis, K

BCC dates are known!

Competition BCC dates are known!

Competion climbers, please look at our Competitions Calender for dates and locations of the Belgian Climbing Cup 2001-2002 (BCC). More information (about inscriptions ea)

Worldcup Chamonix

Competition Worldcup Chamonix

At the Chamonix-round of the UIAA Worldcup, Muriel Sarkany became second after Martina Cufar (SLO) at the difficulty competition. Liv Sansoz (FRA) did not show

Belgian Breath Team summits Denali

Alpinisme Belgian Breath Team summits Denali

All 5 climbers of the Denali's Cold Breath - July 2001 Expedition reached the summit at sunday july 15. Denali is North-America's highest mountain, measuring 6149 meters.

Interview with Hector del Campo - part 2

 Interview with Hector del Campo - part 2

Weather is really bad in Belgium. That's why we publish the second part of our interview with Hector del Campo. If you missed the first part, read it here.

Interview with Hector Delcampo

 Interview with Hector Delcampo

In the nineties Hector Delcampo was the first Belgian climber to combine youth & performance. Now he is editor of the Spanish magazine Desnivel. Hubert talked with an

8b for Jean-Louis

Rock 8b for Jean-Louis

Climber-photographer Jean-Louis Wertz, climbed his first 8b-route. After a lot of work, he climbed Vieux Bouceaux, one of the harder 8b's in Belgium, at the Carrière Jami

Muriel Rocks !!

Competition Muriel Rocks !!

Muriel Sarkany spent a few days at Arco, not to prepare for the annual Rock Masters, but for sports climbing: she climbed Randa 8a+ at the second attempt and also Fuego a

Rock shoes

Gear guide Rock shoes

We have an new article on buying rock shoes. Interesting for the beginning and intermediate climber. Read the article of Guido Maris (in French).

Mozet, Goyet and Beez

Rock Mozet, Goyet and Beez

Climbers visiting the crags of Mozet and Goyet are urgently asked to park their cars legally. Residents living in the neighbourhood have complained about badly stationed

BCN editor in hospital after 600 meter fall

 BCN editor in hospital after 600 meter fall

After climbing the Voie des Autrichiens on Les Courtes, last week in Chamonix (France), Jo Dotremont, co-editor of the Belgian Climbing Network, slipped during the descen

Safety warning: glue-in anchors

 Safety warning: glue-in anchors

The HILTI and PETZL companies jointly inform you that, following a comprehensive test programme, the manufacturer HILTI wishes to state a possible risk associated with th

Big Walls by Belgians

Rock Big Walls by Belgians

Olivier Coenen and Stefaan Kempenaers have just returned from a trip to the USA. They climbed North Amerca Wall, 5.10 and A2/A3, on El Capitan in seven days. The route is

BCN, powered by BCN

 BCN, powered by BCN

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