Hard stuff at Pepinster

Competition Hard stuff at Pepinster

Jean-Louis Wertz, local at the Carrière Jaminon (B), opened a new masterpiece in the fabulous overhang of the crag: la folle traversée du pigeon is 8b+/8c, to be confirme

Open Flemish Championship for Youth

Competition Open Flemish Championship for Youth

The third edition of the Open Flemish Youth Chanpionship was held at Klimax (Breendonk). It became an internation competition with young participants from the Netherlands


Gear guide Crashpads

In our quest for the ultimate crashpad Francis Dierick tested some models and wrote an article on the history, use and ideal crashpad! (in french)


Indoor climbing bouldering@home

Discover again the articles that Gerrit, Jo and Geert wrote in 2000. They met local climbers and reported to us the visit on their home made boulderwall.

Muriel for the 4th time

Competition Muriel for the 4th time

Past sunday won Muriel Sarkany the final competition of the UIAA World Championship in Kranj (SLO). She sents the route in final and took the first place before Natalia G

Bram the Barbarian!

Rock Bram the Barbarian!

Bram Honorez has just sent Futurs Barbares, 8A(+), on the 95.2 sector in Fontainebleau. Don't think that the weather was sunny. Bram realized the problem with rain on his

Bouldering competition in Hungaria

Competition Bouldering competition in Hungaria

Past saturday won Ludovic Stelmaszyk from France the bouldering competition at Hungaria in Louvain. Read the report of this sensational afternoon (in French).

Guy Van Den Bergh

Rock Guy Van Den Bergh

He deed it. After more than 10 weeks of intense try Guy Van den Bergh finally sents Cool Cat, one of the hardest 8a+ in Freyr.

BCC results

Competition BCC results

The results of the second heat of the Belgian Climbing Cup, held today at Itinéraires (Brussels), are now available. Victory for Chloé Graftiaux (Women A) and Jonathan Th

Jérôme Abraham repeats Le Clou

Rock Jérôme Abraham repeats Le Clou

The hardest route in Freyr, Le Clou (8c) on the south face of Al'Legne was repeated by Jérôme Abraham. For the photo shoot with Nicolas Favresse in Le Clou earlier this y

Corphalie: new topo

Rock Corphalie: new topo

During the past year, the Rochers de Corphalie have been cleaned, rebolted and some new routes were opened. The new ànd complete topo by A. Doyen and B. Ma



Welcome to the new website of the Belgian Climbing Network. It doesn't only look different, there's a whole lot of added functionality and ease of use. English visitors

Gold medal for Chloé

Competition Gold medal for Chloé

At the Youth World Championships at Canteleu (France), Chloé Graftiaux won the gold medal in the Girls B category. Her sister, Alix became 8th in the Girls A. All results

Favresse is back in Belgium

Rock Favresse is back in Belgium

After one month sitting in the spanish Pyrénées (Rodellar & Onãte), Nicolas Favresse is back in Belgium with a few 8c in his pocket: Pate Negro, Welcome to Tijuana an

Route of the month

Rock Route of the month

From Freyr, one of the most famous 8a of Belgium. We present you John Bee delight watch climbed by Guy Van den Bergh. Have a look at these great pictures (with text in Fr

Stuff to read and admire

Rock Stuff to read and admire

Earlier this year, Bert Van Lint opened a new route on El Gigante (Mexico). BCN had an interview with Bert (in Dutch, but don't miss the pictures!). Jean-Claude Vittoz de

Rochers d'Heure: new routes

Rock Rochers d'Heure: new routes

Six new routes, from 6c to 7b, have been opened and bolted at the Rochers d'Heure, at Somme-Leuze. The authors: N. Denis, N. L'hermite and P. Lanners.

Route of the month

Rock Route of the month

Freyr, the largest sport climbing area in Belgium, offers some great 8a's. Bayou Minou, on the Al'Legne south face, is subject of our route of the month, climbed by Benja

New topoguide for Freyr

Rock New topoguide for Freyr

The new edition of the Freyr's topoguide is out now. After three long years, the biggest climbing area of Belgium finds his topoguide back ! Read the article of Hubert (i

Muriel wins

Competition Muriel wins

A good start of the season for Muriel Sarkany as she wins the first round of the UIAA Worldcup, before Sandrine Levet and Natalija Gros. Alexandre Chabot is the winner in

Shingen repeated

Rock Shingen repeated

After 2 years of unsuccessfull tries by various climbers, Olivier Favresse is the first to climb Shingen (8b++, at Freyr), being the 6th climber to ever sent the route. T

Goldfinger: article, pictures & video

 Goldfinger: article, pictures & video

We prepared you a nice article (in Dutch) on the latest Goldfinger Competition, held at Klimax (Breendonk) If you don't understand it, you can have a look at the enclosed

Goldfinger 2002

Competition Goldfinger 2002

The third edition of the annual international climbing competition Goldfinger, at Klimax (Breendonk), was won by Martina Cufar and Serik Kazbekov. Martina won the competi

Still not tired of Nicolas?

Rock Still not tired of Nicolas?

No? That's great! We are very proud to present you our first edition of Route of the Month (now in French) with Nicolas Favresse in the brand new 8c at Freyr: Le Clou. A

Favresse's on the run!

Rock Favresse's on the run!

Great sends from the Favresse brothers in Cuenca (Spain): Olivier, recovered from a finger injury, managed to tick Molokomix (8b). His older and better-known brother Nico

8A by Thierry

Rock 8A by Thierry

Thierry Hardy has sent Atrésie, 8A bloc, at Fontainebleau (Cuvier Rempart), without spotters but with his video-camera as a proof. He also sent Fourmis Rouges (7C+). He h

Belgian Boulder 2002

 Belgian Boulder 2002

Have a look at the Quicktime movie of the finals of the Belgian Bouldering Championship, 2 weeks ago. We recommend you only to watch the movie when you have a broadband i

What's new in 2002?

Gear guide What's new in 2002?

Hereby two articles about a full range of new products for 2002. The first presents the trekkingshoes Taïga from La Sportiva, the Victorinox altimeter knife, the new Hiru

Belgian Boulder 2002

Competition Belgian Boulder 2002

The 14-year old Chloé Graftiaux is the winner of the Belgian Boulder Championship at the women's category. Jérome Abraham was he best in the men's category. Later-on this

Movies on BCN

 Movies on BCN

At last we could complete our most recent plans: Quicktime movies on the Belgian Climbing Network. Have a look at our first collection of competition movies. We feat

Nicolas opens new 8c at Freyr

Rock Nicolas opens new 8c at Freyr

Our National Champion, Nicolas Favresse, has just sent his latest project at Freyr (B). Le Clou is a solid 8c, on the right face of the Al'Legne. It starts with Tartines

Belgian Climbing Championship

Competition Belgian Climbing Championship

Muriel Sarkany and Nicolas Favresse are the fresh national champions. Climbing gym Face Nord (Mons) was the scene of a very nice competition. See the complete r

8b for Ollie

Rock 8b for Ollie

During his stay in El Chorro, Olivier Coenen has sent Shaka Zulu (8b, sector Zeppelin) on the first try. He also climbed Lourdes (8a) on the second try.

Bad Bolts Kill

Rock Bad Bolts Kill

The Belgian Rebolting Team has its own website. Currently only in Dutch, they report their activities. There is also possibility to report problems and dangerous situatio

Compaq Pole 2002

Alpinisme Compaq Pole 2002

They are ready for the biggest challenge ever attempted. Who ? Two Belgians: Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer. They just left Belgium to join the North Pole for the Ulti

Belgian Championships

Competition Belgian Championships

The dates of Climb and Boulder 2002 are known. The difficulty competition is programmed for March 9th and 10th in climbing gym Face Nord in Mons. The bouldering competiti

Ice climbing in Belgium

Alpinisme Ice climbing in Belgium

Ice climbing in Belgium is such a rare activity that whenever it is possible, it is sensational. After 3 weeks of freezing, only one ice fall was partially climbable

THE climbing guide comes !

Rock THE climbing guide comes !

All Belgium waits it for years: the climbing guide of the biggest belgian area: Freyr. More than 600 routes of all styles in one guide. Be patient, it is planned for Apri

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody from all the BCN team. With for us a full range of innovations in the next months: new section and even more articles and pictures. Pull hard