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Garanty of adventure in Bolivia

Alpinisme Garanty of adventure in Bolivia

Nele Bellinckx shares her bolivian experience with us (FR). One month holiday and a lot of stories to tell.

Weisshorn by the North Ridge

Alpinisme Weisshorn by the North Ridge

Read here the fantastic climbing of the Weisshorn by the north ridge. An article written for you by Bart Naert (in french).

Victory on Gurla Mandata

Alpinisme Victory on Gurla Mandata

A Belgian CAB expedition, section Brabant, with Guy Carbonnelle, Edouard Deramée, Lambert Martin and Yves Raymaekers, was able to summit the 7760 meter high Gur

Iceclimbing in Norway

Alpinisme Iceclimbing in Norway

Jo Dotremont reached Norway during the New Year holidays. Read his article (in dutch).