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Cordillera Blanca: Peru por favor!

Alpinisme Cordillera Blanca: Peru por favor!

Quite accessible because of its easy summits, the Cordillera Blanca from Peru is the best place for someone who wants to try trekking at high altitude. Ishinca, Tocllaraj

Ascension of the Dent du Géant

Alpinisme Ascension of the Dent du Géant

At the border between France and Italy, the Dent du Géant stands there with its 4.013 meters, an arrow pointing towards the sky. Last September, it is with full autonomy

Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Alpinisme Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Guido Riemenschneider is part of the addicted alpine climbers for who mountain is a real passion. Last August, he had the chance to experience the Kirgizes? hospitality d

Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

Alpinisme Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

For competitions to long alpine routes, there is only a big step. Chloé Graftiaux, who started a couple of weeks ago her course in order to obtain her ?Brevet d'Etat? at

Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

They went all through Patagonia looking for extrem routes and sensations. They came back with full memories and pictures in their head. To share them, nothing such as tak

Klimmalaya expedition at KR2?s summit

Alpinisme Klimmalaya expedition at KR2?s summit

Gone at the beginning of the month from Belgium, the Klimmalaya 2006 expedition composed of 6 young Belgians reached it?s goal this 14th of August: to climb both of

Alpine climbing around Bourg St Maurice

Alpinisme Alpine climbing around Bourg St Maurice

The good weather in September is generally favorable to accomplish some alpine routes in the splendid Vanoise. Some of them to mention: l'Aiguille de la Nova, the Pierra

Belgian tops in Spitzbergen

Alpinisme Belgian tops in Spitzbergen

In the far Spitzbergen, Frank Mattens and Peter Meert just stayed more than 3 weeks in total autonomy. The two highest local peaks were at the program: the Newtontop

Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

Alpinisme Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

An Laenen, Hans Mariën, Jasper De Coninck and Stijn Dekeyser, four Youngs from 16 to 25, just conquered the Great Trango Tower within the context of the VBSF Mount Coach

Patagonia Dreams: it's over!

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams: it's over!

The Patagonia Dreams expedition comes to end. Nicolas, Olivier Favresse, Seán Villanueva and Mike Lecomte are back in Belgium to take some rest! Let's share a little

They rode on the storm!

Alpinisme They rode on the storm!

They made it! After two weeks without any news the Patagonia Dreams-team (Nicolas and Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Mike Lecomte) announces through their website

Patagonia Dreams

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams

They dreamed about it. They did it! Nicolas Favresse and his brother Olivier, Seán Villanueva and Mike Lecomte are currently in Patagonia to try the hardest big walls on

Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters of troubles

Alpinisme Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters of troubles

There are many ways to reach the top of the Finsteraarhorn, 4273 meters summit in the Berner Oberland (Switzerland). One seams harder than the others: thro