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Belgian Climbing Cup

Competition Belgian Climbing Cup

Third and last manche of the Belgian Climbing Cup this weekend in Altitude Sport (Doische). The results are already known. No doubt, there are winners in all categories.

European Youth Cup Kranj

Competition European Youth Cup Kranj

One week after the oldtimers, Kranj welcomed the last European Youth Cup of the year. Three Belgian girls made there what we were waiting for. 6th place for Mathilde Brum

Muriel 2nd

Competition Muriel 2nd

No victory for Muriel Sarkany during the last UIAA Worldcup at Kranj. She finishes 5th and takes the 2nd place at the final UIAA Worldcup ranking. With a victory in Slove

UIAA Worldcup Brno

Competition UIAA Worldcup Brno

The suspense goes through. Brno in Czech Republic didn't give us the final ranking of the 2004 UIAA Wordlcup... Muriel Sarkany finished 5th when Angela Eiter finished onl

Sarkany in pole position

Competition Sarkany in pole position

Muriel Sarkany wins this week-end the victory of the UIAA Worldcup of Valence (France). She was the only to send the route of final with her extraordinary slow-motio

UIAA worldcup Aprica

Competition UIAA worldcup Aprica

The battle for the final victory of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 is pending. This week-end in Aprica (Italy), Muriel Sarkany finished 11th. Her strongest opponent, austrian Ang

Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

Competition Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

The Belgian Commission for Competition Climbing sent us today the final results of the  first Belgian Climbing Cup competititon wich takes places last saturday&

Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Competition Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Muriel Sarkany finished 2nd at the UIAA World Cup of Shanghai. She is still leading the temporary WC ranking with over 65 points on the Austrian Angela Eiter (who won thi

Muriel wins in Spain

Competition Muriel wins in Spain

Muriel Sarkany is challenging a 6th final victory in the UIAA Worldcup. Well done Muriel, a step over! She won this weekend the Marbella meeting. Tomas Mrazek took t

UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

Competition UIAA Worldcup Chamonix

Nothing stops Muriel Sarkany. In the french Chamonix, she fought against rain, wind and other competitors to win the third round of the UIAA Worldcup 2004. Angela Ei

European Championship Lecco

Competition European Championship Lecco

Four Belgian reached Italy this week for the European Climbing Championship. Without Sarkany, they did the best they could to represent Belgium on the plastic roc structu

UIAA Worldcup Imst

Competition UIAA Worldcup Imst

Last week-end, three Belgians participated to the UIAA Worldcup of Imst, second step of the tournament. Muriel Sarkany made her best but finished after two Austrians girl

No victory for Muriel

Competition No victory for Muriel

Natalija Gros wins the first heat of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 at Klimax (Puurs). The men's competition was won by Tomas Mrazek who was the only one to top the finals' route

European Youth Cup Genève

Competition European Youth Cup Genève

First European Youth Cup in Genève and first victory for the belgian Chloé Graftiaux in Youth A. Her sister Alix Graftiaux, and Mathilde Brumagne take a fifth place in th

UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

Competition UIAA Flanders Worldcup Puurs

The first heat of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 will take place at Klimax (Puurs, Belgium) on 22 - 24 april. All necessary information and ticket ordering is available at the UI

UIAA Worldcup in Klimax

Competition UIAA Worldcup in Klimax

It is sure! Klimax will be the first climbing gym to organize an UIAA Worldcup in Belgium. The dates are fixed: from 23 till 25 april 2004. More details soon: the Belgian