The Belgian Climbing Network (Belclimb) is a free climbing initiative of climbers. Its objectives is to inform the climbing community about sport, competition and mountaineering climbing in Belgium.

Founded in 1999 by Geert Vanden Broeck, the Belgian Climbing Network is independant. Its redactors aim to be critical towards associations or commercial organisations, ...

Membership of redacteurs to mountaineering associations, local, regional or national doesn't influence their activities as redactor of Belclimb.

Belclimb editorial team

Hubert Canart
Chief Editor


Tijl Smitz

Hannerlore Smitz

Corine Doucet

Guido Blanchaert

BCN Sales and PR dept.

Dreams & Associates
Hubert Canart

Phone: + 32(0)496/28 42 68

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