Muriel water soloing

Rock Muriel water soloing

After competition comes pleasure. Staying in Mallorca for a few days Muriel Sarkany tried Psycho bouldering. Scary!

Favresse bites the Cobra Crack

Rock Favresse bites the Cobra Crack

It is done. After a few days and many attempts Nico Favresse made the second ascent of the Cobra Crack, 5.14 b/c (8c/c+) in Squamish.

Muriel 8th in Chamonix

Competition Muriel 8th in Chamonix

Second round of the Lead climbing World cup this weekend in Chamonix and second finale for Muriel Sarkany which finishes 8th.

Big wall Fiesta

Rock Big wall Fiesta

The two biggest Big Wall eaters of Belgium set out again in ramble. Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva landed recently in Squamish (Canada) and seem to make a lot of fun.

New semi for Chloé Graftiaux

Competition New semi for Chloé Graftiaux

In the french Montauban, climbers need to send 4 semi-final routes to reach the ultimate stage. Unfortunately for Chloé Graftiaux, she only topped two of those. She finished 17th.