Full finalists at Annecy

Competition Full finalists at Annecy

Our youngsters keep on climbing better and better. At Annecy le Vieux this weekend they where even five in the finals of the European Youth Cup placing one Belgian in eve

October?s BCN shop, part 3

Gear guide October?s BCN shop, part 3

A quick visit in a climbing shop is enough to see there are more than enough belay devices available. For a few months, the choice is even larger with the ATC Guide of Bl

Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Alpinisme Ascension of the Khan Tengri 7010m, welcome to Kirgistan

Guido Riemenschneider is part of the addicted alpine climbers for who mountain is a real passion. Last August, he had the chance to experience the Kirgizes? hospitality d

God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

Rock God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

My name is Sébastien Berthe, I?m 13 and I want to report you a performance of my dad, Eric Berthe, who is 37. Sunday, we went to Freyr and he made ON SIGHT God save the Q

Bouldering in Bretagne

Rock Bouldering in Bretagne

Ploumanach, Tregastel, Kerlouan, does this mention something to you? These name represent a piece of climbing in Bretagne. For those who like bouldering these spots offer

Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

Rock Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

We had to wait for the performance of Véronique Homans to prove us Friday 13th doesn?t bring only unfortune. After some tough 7c, she does God s(h)ave the Queen at Freyr,

BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Gear guide BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Synthetic under-gloves have been available for a very a very long time. Wool under-gloves are on their side relatively new. Icebreaker is now specialized in the Glove Lin

Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

Alpinisme Long alpine routes with Chloé Graftiaux

For competitions to long alpine routes, there is only a big step. Chloé Graftiaux, who started a couple of weeks ago her course in order to obtain her ?Brevet d'Etat? at

European Youth Cup Veliko Tarnovo

Competition European Youth Cup Veliko Tarnovo

Each recent European Youth Cup looked like the previous ones. Like at Gdansk 2 months ago, the far away destination - Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria - dissuaded man

Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Rock Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Between two presentation of Patagonia Dreams, there's not much time left for Seán Villanueva to climb. But he uses it very well by doing Masque à gaz, 8b at Freyr this th

Omblèze, summer climbing?

Rock Omblèze, summer climbing?

Hard task to find somewhere cool to climb in summer. Just like Céüse, some spots make the difference by their altitude. Others, in shaded canyons, offer a good alternativ

Freyr?s new guide book

Rock Freyr?s new guide book

Something we?ve been waiting for long just arrived, the new guide book of Freyr. It could not be found during the past two years, the publisher finally decided to republi

Octobre?s BCN shop

Gear guide Octobre?s BCN shop

Trying trekking sticks, is adopting them. Useful during a walk in the North, in approaches on snow et simply for trekking, you quickly get addicted to them. Black Diamond