Sarkany in pole position

Competition Sarkany in pole position

Muriel Sarkany wins this week-end the victory of the UIAA Worldcup of Valence (France). She was the only to send the route of final with her extraordinary slow-motio

UIAA worldcup Aprica

Competition UIAA worldcup Aprica

The battle for the final victory of the UIAA Worldcup 2004 is pending. This week-end in Aprica (Italy), Muriel Sarkany finished 11th. Her strongest opponent, austrian Ang

Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

Competition Belgian Climbing Cup, step 1

The Belgian Commission for Competition Climbing sent us today the final results of the  first Belgian Climbing Cup competititon wich takes places last saturday&

8b, 2 x 8a, 7c+, 7c, 2 x 7b, 7a+, 6c+

Rock 8b, 2 x 8a, 7c+, 7c, 2 x 7b, 7a+, 6c+

This formula is not mathematics. It is the Golden 9, 9 routes on the north face of the Mérinos at Freyr. Olivier Coenen sent it all in one day and received for this succe

Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Competition Sarkany 2nd in Shanghai

Muriel Sarkany finished 2nd at the UIAA World Cup of Shanghai. She is still leading the temporary WC ranking with over 65 points on the Austrian Angela Eiter (who won thi