Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma

Visiting City Lizard

October 16 2009, 

Since all the questions about Chris’s climbing exploits can be found on internet faster than you can type “google,” we wanted to ask him some questions that he doesn’t get every day.
So we asked drillmeister Johan (Mus) to have a little chat with Chris in between the beers, maybe not Pullitzer prize material, but it was a fun conversation for sure.

Johan: Which kind of beer did you try already since your arrival?
I don't know, Westmalle dubbel, Vedett, Leffe, Duvel, Jupiler, Leffe !

Note: so only about 495 different kinds to go.

Favourite kind of rock?
Limestone for routes ! And sandstone and granite for bouldering.

Do you consider yourself 100% sport climber or are you as well attracted to trad, multipitch or other styles?
100% human !

Note: Chris has not climbed “El Cap” , but it’s something he will do some day.
Note 2: There are still a lot aid routes to be climbed free so...

How many languages do you speak?
English, Spanish and French.

Note: And yes I checked by having a conversation in all 3.

What do you know about Belgium?
Many beerz ! The best beerz of the world.

Note: And we didn’t even have to twist his arm to say it!

Do you know any Belgium climbers?
Arnould t'Kint

Note: For those who are to young to know Arnould, he has put up a lot of the hardest routes in Freyr and probably bolted and climbed the first 8a in Europe right here in Belgium 13 boulevard du vol. He is also well known by the bleausards for his bouldering skills.

Who were your idols when you started climbing and today?
Ron Kauk, Boone Speed, Fred Nicole, Marc le Menestrel & everyone who goes for it 100%! 

Note: Ron Kauk is the opener of Midnight Lightning, the others need no introduction

What do you do on a day off?
Work on my house in Spain!

Note: he said he gets more tired cementing his wall than sending a 9B, just kidding

Best concert ever?
Abyssinians santa cruz 98

Note: check it out on YouTube or here.

Favorite kind of food / drinks?
Thai food

Note: so you know what to cook next time Chris sleeps at your place. In Thailand all good things cost 5 dollar J.

What was the last injury you had?
The knee, 11 years ago.

Note: lucky? Or just fit!

I’ve read that you said in an interview that you recuperate much slower nowadays, you're now 28, do you consider yourself as old?
No, but more aware of how fast time goes by...

Note: Tell me about it

Considering you're in the first generation that started climbing at a young age, where do you think the next generation will take the level of climbing?
That's for them to decide but I can imagine only more difficult routes and boulders.
For the young guns out there : Imagination is the key word here.

What was your most beautiful, most rewarding performance ever?
Es pontas !

Note: Had to ask him at least something about climbing.

So now if you ever run into Chris and you want to show him a good time you know what to go eat with him, which beers to put in your fridge and if you know what kind music the Abyssinians play what else you have to bring to the party. - As the man said he is 100% human.

Drillmeister J.

De website of the City Lizard climbing gym


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