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Sterling Rope, new Belclimb partner

Sterling Rope, new Belclimb partner

December 9 2009

Sterling Rope is not really known in our country but these ropes have already built a strong reputation thanks to climbers who use them, like Chris Sharma, Muriel Sarkany or Nicolas Favresse. We welcome Sterling Rope as new Belclimb partner.

Have a look at the website of Sterling Rope. There are a lot of interesting product informations and athlete stories.

Sterling Rope's website
Chris Sharma's interview
Muriel Sarkany's website
Nicolas Favresse's website

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Spijtig, ik vind op hun site nergens de technische gegevens van de touwen:
Impactkracht, aantal normvallen, gewicht / m ...
Dat zijn toch belangrijke details die ertoe kunnen beslissen een touw wel / niet aan te kopen.


Ik vind inderdaad ook niet veel specificaties bij de touwen, maar er is wel per touw een pdf-je te downloaden dat zij de 'technical manual' noemen. Daar staat dan bijvoorbeeld in dat alle touwen getest worden zodat ze voldoen aan UIAA eisen, en die zijn voor bvb de impact force:

The UIAA mandates that the impact force generated on the first fall must be less than 12kN for a single rope. This test uses a static belay with a fall factor of approximately 1.8 or a 4.6meter (15) fall on 2.5 meters (8) of rope. This test demonstrates a very severe fall and generally is not applicable
for real world climbing situation but does give a good basis for comparing the relative elongation characteristics of different ropes. Real world experience has shown that rarely are impact forces higher than 10kN generated during a climbing fall.

Al in al zouden de specificaties inderdaad duidelijker vermeld mogen worden. Misschien zien we iets over het hoofd...


The Belgians on party tour in the Rockmaster Festival in Arco

Mix The Belgians on party tour in the Rockmaster Festival in Arco

Belgians were well noticed in Arco's Rockmaster Festival 2014. Muriel Sarkany received the Salewa Rock Award for her outdoor climbing performances of last year and Loic Timmermans finished 7th on the lead climbing event.

September 2 2014,

New grade achieved for Anak Verhoeven: 8c+

Rock New grade achieved for Anak Verhoeven: 8c+

Sick after Imst where she finished 4th, Anak Verhoeven went to the Gorges du Loup in France to recover. A trip in southern France that was more than productive for her since she climbed three 8c and her first 8c+ : Ultimate Sacrifice!

August 21 2014,