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Take the time to go to Telendos

Rock Take the time to go to Telendos

Exploited for a couple of years now the cliffs of the Greek island of Kalymnos are among the most famous at the moment. At the point that you have to take your ticket to

Seán Villanueva does Carabistouilles

Rock Seán Villanueva does Carabistouilles

Who would have thought about it? Our international Seán, king of the slackline, of big walls and now of 8b+. Taking advantages of the winter conditions this Saturday in F

Ruben Beckers does 8b+

Rock Ruben Beckers does 8b+

Ruben Beckers aka Sticky Finger is in Turkey for a couple of months, Geyikbayiri more precisely. And this has a good effect knowing his last realization: he does Trebenna

Jérôme De Boeck does Carabistouilles

Rock Jérôme De Boeck does Carabistouilles

Jérôme De Boeck reduced a little bit more his list of hard routes to do in Freyr. He did yesterday Carabistouilles, 8b+. Quickly and properly...

Slideshow Tim Teerlinck in Shingen

Rock Slideshow Tim Teerlinck in Shingen

Three months ago Tim Teerlinck did Shingen, the most popular 8b in Freyr. Martijn Sermeus took some pictures of him. Click here to see the result.

First 8a+ for Chloé Graftiaux

Rock First 8a+ for Chloé Graftiaux

Chloé Graftiaux was also in Greece this week-end, on the island of Telendos. She manages to do Roofopoulos at the sector Totem Pole, her first 8a+. Other sector, other ro

New 8c for Nicolas Favresse at Kalymnos

Rock New 8c for Nicolas Favresse at Kalymnos

For his second visit on the Greek island of Kalymnos this year Nicolas Favresse still had to do his project he was trying in May. He did it this week-end. The route is ca

El Percal 8b+ for Mike Lecomte

Rock El Percal 8b+ for Mike Lecomte

Those who took a look at Mike Lecomte?s blog could see he did El Percal his first 8b+ at Tres Pontes in Spain. His training starts to pay well!

Nico Farcy back from Targassone

Rock Nico Farcy back from Targassone

The list of boulder achievements of Nicolas Farcy lengthened seriously on his return from Targassone. 33 problems from 7a counting Matrix, 7c on sight, I shot Sarkonazy a

Siebe can?t hold back

Rock Siebe can?t hold back

Siebe Vanhee (15) is living the summer of his life. After a good trip in Freyr, in the Vosges and Rodellar, he?s gone to Orpierre now. After three days and 5 tries he doe

Siebe?s adventures in Rodellar

Rock Siebe?s adventures in Rodellar

Siebe Vanhee is quite happy. He comes back from Rodellar with a nice list of hard route: two 8a+ and a couple of 8a, one of them on sight: Coliseum. All this in about ten

The companions on vacation

Rock The companions on vacation

Every year it?s the same thing. Benjamin Fallet and Jérôme De Boeck go out for a couple of weeks in the south to do some hard routes. Mission accomplished with El Salto d

Tim Teerlinck does Shingen

Rock Tim Teerlinck does Shingen

Tim Teerlinck did Shingen this Thursday in Freyr. Small route, small holds, but an 8b with quite some reputation. We guess he isn?t the only one seeking some shade o

Sébastien Berthe redpoints John Bee

Rock Sébastien Berthe redpoints John Bee

Sébastien Berthe seared to himself to do a Belgian 8a at 13. He did it this Saturday by redpointing John Bee Delight Watch at Freyr. Two months after his first 8 in the G

Durnal, climbing cool

Rock Durnal, climbing cool

Encouraged by the edition of the new guidebook of Durnal edited by the VBSF (Flemish Mountainering Federation), we asked ourselves: why not go there and have a look to se

The youngest Belgian 8a for Sébastien Berthe

Rock The youngest Belgian 8a for Sébastien Berthe

At 13, Sébastien Berthe did last week his first 8a, an unequaled performance in Belgium. Planet Groove in the Gorges du Tarn. Eric Berthe, the father, is proud of his son

Jérôme De Boeck does his first 8c

Rock Jérôme De Boeck does his first 8c

Jérôme De Boeck entered yesterday the very small club of the Belgian 8c climbers. His latest accomplishment: Adieu Wolfgang in the Gorges du Tarn. We wish him many others

Tonsai, paradise of climbing

Rock Tonsai, paradise of climbing

Fed up with every day's stress? Want a break? Just go to Tonsai. This little island in Thailand is a real Paradise for climbers. See, sun and climbing. Two weeks, three m

Master's Edge for Olivier Coenen

Rock Master's Edge for Olivier Coenen

Master's Edge isn't « that hard ». It?s what we could think watching the grade: E7 6c. But when we know that only one teanut protects the whole pitch, we can congratulate

8a boulder for Jan de Smit

Rock 8a boulder for Jan de Smit

Jan de Smit, almost resident of Bleau, just managed to do the combination Bérézina-Carnage, sit down start at the Bas Cuvier. Two extra moves who gives a grading of 8a. S

Mention for Nicolas Favresse at the Golden Piton Awards

Rock Mention for Nicolas Favresse at the Golden Piton Awards

Can you do better? If we asked him this question Nicolas Favresse would answer "without any doubt". For the Golden Piton Awards 2006, the famous magazine Climbing decerne

Climbing on big walls in the Val di Mello

Rock Climbing on big walls in the Val di Mello

Thanks to ?Melloblocco? the Val di Mello obtained in two years a well deserved reputation. Even if the meeting gathers each year hundreds of bouldering lovers, the valley

The Verdon: what can you ask more ?

Rock The Verdon: what can you ask more ?

A new guide book of the Verdon was just released in December 2006. But it takes a couple of weeks to discover the best lines. One of the major classics, la Demande is wit