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Montrail Wasabi: spicy green?

Gear guide Montrail Wasabi: spicy green?

Spice used for the meals of many people of Japan, the Wasabi found its variant as a pair of climbing shoes with a quite spicy taste. This is because the Montrail?s Wasabi

SteriPen, for a perfectly clean water

Gear guide SteriPen, for a perfectly clean water

Climbers often go in regions where the quality of water is doubtful. To put away all risks, water filters appeared, each with its own qualities and inconvenient. The Ster

BCN's Novembre shop - Part 3

Gear guide BCN's Novembre shop - Part 3

It's been a while since we hadn't heard about a harness... In a light and confortable style we found for you the Mammut's New wave. Are we approching the swiss perfection

November?s BCN shop - Part 2

Gear guide November?s BCN shop - Part 2

It?s getting cold and rainy. Some of us start thinking we won?t go out anymore until the first days of spring. But something new just arrived that should change your mind

November?s BCN shop - Part 1

Gear guide November?s BCN shop - Part 1

Brrrr... It?s getting cold! We are starting to feel it, temperatures are decreasing and everything seems like having a walk in the snow will come quickly. About equipment

October?s BCN shop, part 3

Gear guide October?s BCN shop, part 3

A quick visit in a climbing shop is enough to see there are more than enough belay devices available. For a few months, the choice is even larger with the ATC Guide of Bl

BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Gear guide BCN?s october shop ? part 2

Synthetic under-gloves have been available for a very a very long time. Wool under-gloves are on their side relatively new. Icebreaker is now specialized in the Glove Lin

Octobre?s BCN shop

Gear guide Octobre?s BCN shop

Trying trekking sticks, is adopting them. Useful during a walk in the North, in approaches on snow et simply for trekking, you quickly get addicted to them. Black Diamond

September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Gear guide September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Forget the first missed attempts of Mammut in making climbing shoes. It is now another big opponent present in this sector already full. Here, the all new Goblin, scratch

September BCN shop - Part 1

Gear guide September BCN shop - Part 1

Amateur of indoor and outdoor climbing, Tijl has recently climbed with the new Boreal Joker Velcro: extra comfortable climbing shoes with a rubber getting better and bett

BCN shop of August

Gear guide BCN shop of August

It is often very important to simplify as many things as you can for the long treks in Chamonix. Alpine style, optimum equipment, maximum speed. At this little game, manu

BCN Shop: July 2006

Gear guide BCN Shop: July 2006

Did you say hot temperature? Nothing better then than drag a light and breathable pant. But it's still not easy with 30°C. Happy for us, we tested it 

BCN Shop: June 2006

Gear guide BCN Shop: June 2006

Focus on this: simple, light, breathable and resistant... Put a little bit sun into and you get two master pieces of work: the Patagonia Capilene Graphic T and the Mammut

BCN shop: March 2006

Gear guide BCN shop: March 2006

We tested for you the best products to go through the latest winter days and easily send your first climbing projects of the year. Read our product reviews (FR)

Mallorca in Montrails

Gear guide Mallorca in Montrails

Let's see Tijl walking around Mallorca with his brand new Montrail Stratos XCR. An interesting discovery tour of the island best climbing areas. To read (FR)...

BCN shop January 2006

Gear guide BCN shop January 2006

Winter is winter... We tested for you some interesting gear to live the next three months in a confortable way. On this page: our review of the TNF Women's Seamless