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How to manage big colds for your fingers?

Rock How to manage big colds for your fingers?

During the winter, either you choose the relative comfort of a gym, either you choose to go to your favorite crag to take advantage of the friction given by the cold. You

God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

Rock God s(h)ave the Queen on sight by Eric Berthe

My name is Sébastien Berthe, I?m 13 and I want to report you a performance of my dad, Eric Berthe, who is 37. Sunday, we went to Freyr and he made ON SIGHT God save the Q

Bouldering in Bretagne

Rock Bouldering in Bretagne

Ploumanach, Tregastel, Kerlouan, does this mention something to you? These name represent a piece of climbing in Bretagne. For those who like bouldering these spots offer

Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

Rock Véronique Homans does God s(h)ave the Queen!

We had to wait for the performance of Véronique Homans to prove us Friday 13th doesn?t bring only unfortune. After some tough 7c, she does God s(h)ave the Queen at Freyr,

Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Rock Seán Villanueva does Masque à gaz

Between two presentation of Patagonia Dreams, there's not much time left for Seán Villanueva to climb. But he uses it very well by doing Masque à gaz, 8b at Freyr this th

Omblèze, summer climbing?

Rock Omblèze, summer climbing?

Hard task to find somewhere cool to climb in summer. Just like Céüse, some spots make the difference by their altitude. Others, in shaded canyons, offer a good alternativ

Freyr?s new guide book

Rock Freyr?s new guide book

Something we?ve been waiting for long just arrived, the new guide book of Freyr. It could not be found during the past two years, the publisher finally decided to republi

8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Rock 8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Father's Day at Donner Summit in California is one of the hardest trad 8b+ at the moment. Knowing the crux is without any bolts and with the risk of a 15 meters fall... i

Nico Favresse lost in translation

Rock Nico Favresse lost in translation

After freeing l'Appât last year, it seemed like Nicolas Favresse had fell in love with the Yosemite. On this 30th of august he freed another route this time on El Cap nam

Martin Content in good shape!

Rock Martin Content in good shape!

After doing three 8b?s in three weeks, Martin Content surely regrets not to go more often in Rodellar. His stay in Spain permitted him to do Alter Ego, Gladiator and Bota

Female 7c at Freyr

Rock Female 7c at Freyr

The Freyr?s cliffs count many major routes but only few women managed to conquer them. However, the myth is slowly starting to fade. This week two 7c?s particularly techn

Benjamin Fallet does On s'pète la ruche

Rock Benjamin Fallet does On s'pète la ruche

A couple of weeks after his climbing mate Jérôme De Boeck, it?s Benjamin Fallet?s turn to do the hardest route in the Gorges d?Omblèze: On s'pète la ruche, 8b+. Good job!

Nicolas Favresse reappears

Rock Nicolas Favresse reappears

From the Patagonian big walls to the crags of Nevada, there is only one step... Staying a couple of days at Donner Summit, Nicolas Favresse reappears after an absence of

Saint Antonin Noble-Val, at one step of the spanish Pyrénées

Rock Saint Antonin Noble-Val, at one step of the spanish Pyrénées

On your way from France to Spain do not hesitate to make a stop at Saint Antonin Noble-Val near Toulouse, a little crag full of climbing possibilities. Read mor

Live from Omblèze

Rock Live from Omblèze

The scorching heat doesn?t stop motivated climbers, some even keep climbing with talent. At Omblèze in the Vercors (France) where the daily temperature didn?t pass under

Climbing in Turkey

Rock Climbing in Turkey

After living of few months in Turkey Pieterjan De Roo came back in Belgium with a lot of souvenirs and a great report about biggest local climbing area: Geyikbayiri. Read

8b for 15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo

Rock 8b for 15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo

15 years old Yannick Pasquazzo from Liège sent last thursday his first 8b with Migranya in Siurana, Spain. Well done my friend! 

Madrid: climbing Mecca?

Rock Madrid: climbing Mecca?

Climbing, alpinism, soft trail (NL), you will find everything you need in the neighbourhood of Madrid. Let's get a look there. It seems very interesting. Hendrik de

Climbing in Mali

Rock Climbing in Mali

Borred of the southern Europe crags? Try then Africa and especially Mali. Xavier Bonjean made this a few months ago: he climbed with Elie Chevieux the 600 meter

Exclusive interview with Fred Rouhling

Rock Exclusive interview with Fred Rouhling

Fred Rouhling spends 10 minuts with us to speak about his new way of climbing. Back in the good way? Certainly! He surprises us with his undefeated passion for climbing.

Slideshow: climbing pictures

Rock Slideshow: climbing pictures

Dolomites, Oisans, Calanques and Verdon. Let's start 2006 with amazing pictures of some great french and italian climbing spots: slideshow.