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The Belgians on party tour in the Rockmaster Festival in Arco

Next to it's touristic aspect, Arco is a mythical place in the climbing world. For over 20 years there has been the famous Rockmaster, true climbing anthem. During three days spectators assist to competitions and other reward ceremonies. This year, our Belgians were well noticed. Muriel Sarkany received the Salewa Rock Award for her outdoor climbing performances of last year. As a reminder, she sent last November Punt-X, 9a des Gorges du Loup en France. Next to Muriel, other climbing legends were battling for the same prize: the Czech Adam Ondra and the German Alexandre Megos. This did touch Muriel : "I am really very touched to be known as a competition climber for all those years and to be rewarded today for my performances on rock."
And for Loic Timmermans, he showed some very good results on the lead event. He reaches the finals of the famous Rockmaster and ends 7th. All good to get motivation for the rest of the season.

Picture: Rockmaster Festival

Salewa Rock Award

Loic Timmermans en finale difficulté du Rockmaster