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New grade achieved for Anak Verhoeven: 8c+

Sick after Imst where she finished 4th, Anak Verhoeven went to the Gorges du Loup in France to recover. A trip in southern France that was more than productive for her since she climbed three 8c and her first 8c+ : Ultimate Sacrifice!
The Gorges du Loup suit very well competition climbers such as Anak. You can find steep routes requiring power and resistance. A perfect training crag. It's in this spot that Muriel Sarkany made her best outdoor performance ever last November : Punt-X, the first 9a for a woman in Belgium. We can hope Anak will follow the same path. Her results outdoors and on competitions show that it could be quite quick :

8c+ Ultimate Sacrifice
8c Last Soul Sacrifice
8c Qoussai, les maux de la fin
8c Hot Chili X
8b+ New power Sacrifice
8b New power Generation
8b Soul Sacrifice
8a+ Qoussai

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Pictures: Patti Verhoeven & Roman Bayon