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Anak Verhoeven gets again bronze at Briançon

Comparing the results of Anak Verhoeven to those of Muriel Sarkany is still a bit exagerated since the prize list of this last one is impressive. But Anak did manage to get once more a bronze medal this weekend after the first of the season she got in China. And this happened in the same circumstances than her elder in Dresden in 2006. The comparaison is obvious. At that time, a terrible storm forced the organizers to cancel the final of the World Cup. In Briançon, the weather also decided the final results. Comfortable third after the semi-finals, our young climber could keep this position and go on the podium. Her second this year.
The Belgian's ambitions are clear. She will participate to the 8 rounds of the World Cup this year and to the World Championship this year.

Other Belgians also participated in Briançon. Among them, Stéphane Hanssens managed to qualify for the semi-finals and ends 25th. Loïc Timmermans ends 38th while the young Héloïse Doumont and Celine Cuypers were ranked 29th and 50th.

Picture: IFSC