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Spanish sends for Jérôme De Boeck in Margalef

The trips of Jérôme De Boeck. have rarely been as productive as his last one. The one he had last week in Margalef was maybe the best one since many years. He sent a big number of routes in the 8th degree out of which an 8c/+ and three 8b onsight. Jérôme even talks about razzia: "I sent Pal Este 8c/+, Super Vixens 8b/+ flash (my first) and three 8b on sight."
Since his injury in 2009, the progression of Jérôme was pretty careful but this last trip in Spain made him shift to the next gear: "It's by far the best climbing trip I had since I had my injury, maybe even the best trip I ever had, at least for the on sight part. I trained a bit before leaving without any real goals, the motivation for training and high level climbing came back with all those sends."
Let's hope Jérôme will keep on high level climbing. His next trip will give us some informations about that. He'll go to Santa Linya at Easter with Loïc Timmermans. The emulation between climbers should be there.

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