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Stef Maginelle on top of the Gasherbrum I without oxygen

He did it. Eight days after reaching the top of the Gasherbrum II with Guido Riemenschneider, Stef Maginelle reached this morning the top of the Gasherbrum I. He walked up to the 11th highest summet of the world without oxygen. He climbed up to 8.068 meters.
Beyond the physical performance, this man from Kampenhout is the first belgian to reach the top of two 8000 meters on the same expedition. For now he is the only member of The Belgian Gasherbrum Expedition 2013 project to reach his goal. Yesterday, his team mate Guido Riemenschneider had to stop an ascent because of the wind.For the same reasons, Sofie Lenaerts also had to stop here ascent of the Gasherbrum II.

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