Asgard Jamming Tour

Asgard Jamming Tour

The dates

October 24 2009, 

In Norse mythology, Asgard was the fortress of the gods, the center of the universe, only accessible by the magical rainbow bridge. What Olympus was to the Greeks, Asgard was for the Vikings. It was the home of Odin, Thor, Freyr and many others. One day, Freyr, the god of fertility, good weather and crops, decided to climb to the highest point of Asgard, Hlidskjalf the viewpoint of Odin, prohibited to all other gods. From there, you could see the whole world and all who roamed there. Here Freyr saw Gerda for the first time, and he fell madly in love. But to marry Gerda, Freyr had to give away his magic sword. Without his sword, Freyr was helpless against the fire giant named Surtr and he died during the war of Ragnarok.

Could it be that after his death, Freyr settled himself on the banks of the Meuse, near the town of Dinant, Belgium? Here he prepared us to climb to the summit of Asgard, without using the rainbow bridge! For years we worshiped Freyr and every weekend we prayed to him. He taught us many things: technique, finger strength, endurance, perseverance, friendship, creativity, humility... And then he sent us on a mission ...



Asgard Jamming tour agenda

Date Accueil Lieu Adresse
17/11 20:00 Namur Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
rue de Bruxelles 61,
B-5000 Namur
18/11 20:30 Leuven KUL Auditorium Jean Monnet,
Parkstraat 51
3000 Leuven
19/11 20:00 Gent Universiteit Gent, faculteit Letteren en wijsbegeerte, auditorium C, blandijnberg 2,
9000 Gent
20/11 20:00 Hasselt, Genk Sportcentrum Genk
Emiel van Dorenlaan 144,
3600 Genk
21/11 17:00 Haarlem, Nederland Klimmuur Haarlem
Spaarndamseweg 120 b
2021 KA Haarlem (Nederland)
24/11 - Louvain-la-Neuve Entre Ciel et Terre
(Centre Sportif du Blocry)
Place des Sports 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
25/11 20:00 Charleroi Avenue Mascaux, 879
6001 Marcinelle
27/11 20:00 Brussels Collège Don Bosco
Chaussée de stockel 270
1200 Woluwe-saint-Lambert
28/11 20:00 Braine l’Alleud Altitude CCM
Chaussée de Mont Saint-Jean 83
1420 Braine l’Alleud
5/12 20:00 Liège Top Rock
Rue de Spa, 1
4020 Liège
12/12 20:00 Brussels Terres Neuves
rue Terre Neuve, 28
1000 Brussels

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