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This section offers a complete overview of every single piece of climbable rock in Belgium and lists all the climbing routes, boulders and aid routes per climbing area.

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For those who still hold on to the virtues of paper, this rock climbing section offers a complete inventory of all the guidebooks issued in Belgium.

New grade achieved for Anak Verhoeven: 8c+

Rock New grade achieved for Anak Verhoeven: 8c+

Sick after Imst where she finished 4th, Anak Verhoeven went to the Gorges du Loup in France to recover. A trip in southern France that was more than productive for her since she climbed three 8c and her first 8c+ : Ultimate Sacrifice!

Sébastien Berthe sends Le Clou, 8c in Freyr

Rock Sébastien Berthe sends Le Clou, 8c in Freyr

There are rarely news on high level climbing in Freyr as there are very few hard sends. The mythical Belgian crag is a place filled with high level routes technically very demanding. Last Friday, Sébastien Berthe managed to send Le Clou, 8c in the Al’legn

Spanish sends for Jérôme De Boeck in Margalef

Rock Spanish sends for Jérôme De Boeck in Margalef

The trips of Jérôme De Boeck. have rarely been as productive as his last one. The one he had last week in Margalef was maybe the best one since many years. He sent a big number of routes in the 8th degree out of which an 8c/+ and three 8b onsight.


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Tens of climbing guidebooks have been issued in Belgium inventoring hundreds of routes in the Belgian crags. Here is the complete list.



Back from Venezuela

Rock Back from Venezuela

The CAB-Rock Climbing Team just came back to civilization after 38 days in the jungle. They had a really good adventure, very different from all the other expeditions they have done in the past. The weather, the rock, the jungle and this incredible wall of the Tuyuren waterfall made up for some very exciting moments.


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