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Mammut Slackline Set

Mammut Slackline Set

December 10 2008, 

This year the Swiss brand Mammut created the Slackline Set. With an impressive length of 20 metres the sling specifically designed for slackline has what it takes to make you curious. When you learn it has a different texture on both sides, we are even more impatient to test it: the first side for a normal use, the second more smooth to make special tricks.

The installation of the slackline is eased by the instruction manual sold with the kit. The small movie available on the Mammut website offers you even more explanations if needed. The more you will try, the easier it will be. You will notice that your slackline can be efficiently held tight with the mechanism sold with the kit to tight it even quicker. Just pay attention when you hold it tight that the sling doesn't get deformed by the mechanism In that case you could loose quite much time to release the system.

Too bad... The movie shows pre-cut slings and oval carabiners when the kit is sold with the classic sling to tie yourself. The carabiners are also missing which means you will have to tie the slackline to the anchors if you don't have any. If you tie the slings together it is advised to pass both ends in the knot before holding it tight. When undoing it it will be much easier to undo the knot with the rest of slack you will have.

Once set and tight you'll directly notice that the kit offers a pleasant experience that can last very long. If you start in a sit position or if sit on it you will notice the sling is a true ‘pain in the ass’ but a bit of exercise will make you handle that... It can also seem a bit painful for the feet but once again you'll get used to it very quickly.

The undoing is even way quicker than to set it and can even be done in one tension. Mammut advises to proceed a bit slower though. Setting and taking out the slackline can be done alone but it is much easier if there are two people...

For a full kit of pieces you'll put together yourself the Slackline Set seems to be an easy product. You won't regret to have it to use it regularly.


Technical details

Color: Orange
Width: 28mm
Length: 20m
Public advised price: 145 Euro


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