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Icebreaker Glove Liner - Amazing under-glove

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October 9 2006,

Icebreaker Glove Liner

IcebreakerSynthetic under-gloves have been available for a very a very long time. Wool under-gloves are on their side relatively new. Icebreaker is now specialized in the Glove Liner made with 96% of merinos wool and 4% of lycra (for elasticity). Made in New Zealand!

What are under gloves used for except, as the name mentions it, to have a second pair of waterproof gloves on your hands. They can also be used when it isn?t really cold to have an extra isolation. Like in autumn for example.

Icebreaker Glove LinerThermical under-gloves are used to bring extra heat like undergarment : to manage that the skin stays the most dry possible (a dry skin is cold in a longer time) and to offer the skin an extra isolation.

Because Icebreaker's Glove Liners are made of merinos wool, their use is quite different of the classical synthetic ones. With the Glove Liner the sweat is evacuated firstly in the gloves. The hand stays dry and thus warm. After that the wool gets rid of sweat. The wool has the characteristic that it can keep much humidity without having the sensation as being wet (up to 9 times its own weight). Conclusion, the hand stay warm. Another advantage of wool in comparison with synthetic equipment is that you smell it after a much longer time. A very important thing when you go out on long expeditions, for you, and for the others!

Tested during various weather conditions, it seems to work quite well. Used alone, the gloves keep enough warmth to keep the hands at good temperature. They breath enough and have a good resistance to wind without being totally wind stopper. They perfectly match the hands size with their elasticity (the 4% of lycra). As under-gloves under Gore-Tex gloves for example their performances are increased by a supply of warmth in low temperatures.

In conclusion, excellent under-gloves who, in our concern, must absolutely be in your equipment. You can keep them in your pocket the whole year, just in case. In term of weight they are impressive, 25 grams the pair.

Technical details


96% merinos wool and 4% lycra




S to L


25 grams for both 

Public advised price

24,95 EUR


Jeroen Renes



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