Looking for a climbing partner or a spare place in a car?
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New to climbing - Brussels

Terks 1 1697 27-9-2016 17:35  

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Looking for indoor climbing partner/info - Brussels

Hi everyone!

I would really like to get into climbing (indoor). I've climbed on the wall once or twice in my life - but very basic stuff and it was ages ago, so I'm a complete newbie!

I'd really like to start though I don't quite know where to begin as my French skills are not particularly great and Dutch are non existent. I'm 25/F/Czech. In terms of gym, I know of Terres Neuves and it's probably the easiest for me to get to but I'm flexible.

I'd be grateful for any information and if anyone nice would like to teach me or help me out in any way that would be fantastic!

Thanks a bunch!