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Relive Alaska


In May 2010, Sam Van Brempt and Joris Van Reeth travelled to Alaska to climb Mount McKinley - also known as Denali - and the highest summit of North America. On the 7th of June, Joris made a deadly fall of 250m while they were in the middle of an attempt to climb the Cassin Ridge via the Japanese Couloir. Today, his body still hasn’t been recovered. For his climbing partner, a completely different story began, a story of courage and memories. A year after this fateful incident, Sam publishes a series of 6 video’s about the trip. To understand, to explain or just to share their passion...

The Mount Coach website

Episode 1: Flying into the range

Episode 2: From the airstrip to 14k

Episode 3: Living on 14.000ft

Episode 4: Getting acclimatized

Episode 5: Approaching the Cassin Ridge

Episode 6: Waiting