Before printing think about environment!Before printing think about environment!


Climbing grade comparison chart

Comparison of the climbing grade scales


You think about your next stay in the far East. You prepare your future holiday in the United States. Be aware of one thing. There are as many climbing scales than countries in the world. To make your days easier, we buit below a chart to compare grades in free and boulder climbing.

In free climbing, the french scale has to be used in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.
In bouldering, use the Fontainebleau scale (Fb on the table). Hueco system has to be used in North America.

Do not hesitate to print it and drop it in your backpack!

Free climbing
Boulder climbing
United States UK France UIAA
Australia Czech Republic Finland Brazil Fb Hueco
5.2     1 I   I   Isup    
5.3     2 II 11 II   II    
5.4     3 III 12 III   IIsup 2  
5.5 4a VD 4 IV   IV   III 3  
5.6   S 5a V- 13 V 5- IIIsup    
5.7 4b HS 5b V 14 VI 5 IV 4a  
  4c     V+ 15         V0
5.8   VS 5c VI- 16 VIIa 5+ IVsup    
5.9 5a HVS 6a VI 17 VIIb   V 4b  
5.10a   E1 6a+ VI+ 18 VIIc 6- Vsup    
5.10b 5b       19     VI    
5.10c   E2 6b VII- 20 VIIIa 6      
5.10d 5c   6b+ VII 21 VIIIb   VIsup 4c  
5.11a   E3 6c VII+ 22 VIIIc 6+ VIIa 5a V1
5.11b     6c+   23          
5.11c 6a E4 7a VIII 24 IXa 7- VIIb 5b  
5.11d     7a+   25 IXb 7 VIIc 5c V2
5.12a   E5 7b VIII+ 26 IXc 7+ VIIIa 6a V3
5.12b 6b   7b+       8- VIIIb 6b V4
5.12c   E6 7c IX 27 Xa 8 VIIIc 6c V5
5.12d 6c   7c+   28 Xb 8+ IXa 7a  
5.13a   E7 8a IX+ 29 Xc 9- IXb 7a+ V6
5.13b             9 IXc 7b V7
5.13c 7a   8a+ X- 30 XIa 9+ Xa 7b+ V8
                  7c V9
5.13d   E8 8b X 31 XIb 10- Xb 7c+ V10
5.14a     8b+ X+ 32 XIc 10 Xc 8a V11
5.14b 7b           10+ XIa 8a+ V12
5.14c   E9 8c/8c+ XI- 33   11-   8b V13
5.14d 7c   9a XI     11   8b+ V14
    E10             8c V15
5.15a     9a+ XI+     11+   8c+ V16
5.15b     9b XII-