Mathilde Brumagne and Jonathan Thomas, belgian Champions bouldering

Competition Mathilde Brumagne and Jonathan Thomas, belgian Champions bouldering

Last Saturday in City Lizard the finales of the Belgian Championship Bouldering took different colors. A real thriller for the mens and a kindly contest for the womens. In gold, Jonathan Thomas and Mathilde Brumagne.

New website for Chloé Graftiaux

Mix New website for Chloé Graftiaux

To discover the lastest news about Chloé Graftiaux you will be able from now to connect on her new website. A good way to teach that Chloé is a various climber.

Graftiaux and Lopata win the Bleau Open 2008

Competition Graftiaux and Lopata win the Bleau Open 2008

They came from the South and with much merit considering the layer of snow which covered Belgium this weekend. Chloé Graftiaux wins her 5th Bleau Open. The French Kevin Lopata, his 1st. Congratulations to the 159 other competitors.

Mathilde Brumagne wins the European Yout Series

Competition Mathilde Brumagne wins the European Yout Series

Victorious last week-end in Kranj Mathilde Brumagne got the gold medal of the European Youth Series for the second year in a row.

1st Golden Climbing Shoe Award for Shin Yoon Sun

Gear guide 1st Golden Climbing Shoe Award for Shin Yoon Sun

After the Goldfinger and the Piolet d'or, here is the Golden Climbing Shoe Award. A trophy delivered for the first time last Monday in Seoul to the best Asian sportclimber: Shin Yoon Sun.

Villanueva et Favresse live on tv!

Mix Villanueva et Favresse live on tv!

The citizens of Brussels who were connected on Télé Brussels this Monday evening could discover a new performance of the Villanueva/Favresse pair. Live on tv please!

Mathilde Brumagne 2nd in Annecy le Vieux

Competition Mathilde Brumagne 2nd in Annecy le Vieux

Thanks to her 2nd place ex-aequo acquired in Annecy, Mathilde Brumagne maintains her advantage at the provisional ranking of the European Youth Series. The title will be decided in Kranj within 3 weeks.

De Boeck sent El Archeologico, 8b onsight

Rock De Boeck sent El Archeologico, 8b onsight

De Boeck is back! Fresh installed in Santa Linya in Spain, he got his first 8b onsight with El Archeologico. Discover also his video in Dédale, 8c (Kronthal).

New website for Jérôme De Boeck

Mix New website for Jérôme De Boeck

Jérôme De Boeck put on line his new website. Have a look and review his climbing trips, his tick list and be up to date with his current news.

Nicolas Favresse and Sean Villanueva freed The Secret Passage, 5.13c max

Rock Nicolas Favresse and Sean Villanueva freed The Secret Passage, 5.13c max

Nicolas Favresse and Sean Villanueva have freed last friday a new route on El capitan: The Secret Passage. 15 pitches with a difficulty till 5.13c.

Chloé Graftiaux, 4th in boulder at the European Championships

Competition Chloé Graftiaux, 4th in boulder at the European Championships

Her week was heavy but it finishes rather well. Chloé Graftiaux got the 4th place in boulder climbing at the European Championships in Paris.

Bleau Open 2008, registration open

Mix Bleau Open 2008, registration open

The Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation will take place next 22 & 23 of November. Sharpen your climbing shoes because that will again heat in the Bleau climbing gym of Ghent.

8a+ boulder for Nicolas Mathieu

Rock 8a+ boulder for Nicolas Mathieu

The tick list of Nicolas Mathieu grows every week. Last weekend in Magic Wood (Swiss) he made Jack's broken heart, his second 8a+ boulder.

Vidmar and Puigblanque win in Puurs

Competition Vidmar and Puigblanque win in Puurs

Maja Vidmar and Ramon Julian Puigblanque win the Belgian round of the Lead climbing Worldcup in Puurs. The Slovenien with a small advantage, the Spaniard by atomizing his competitors.

Hanssens does fine in Australia

Rock Hanssens does fine in Australia

Pleasure comes after work. After having coached the Belgian youngsters in Sydney, Stéphane Hanssens spent a few weeks in Australia with Punk in the Gym, 8b+, as result.

Sarkany and De Boeck strike back in Imst

Competition Sarkany and De Boeck strike back in Imst

Muriel Sarkany and Jérôme De Boeck finished respectively 5th and 15th of the Austrian stage of the World cup. A promising result one week before Puurs.

First 8c for Mike Lecomte

Rock First 8c for Mike Lecomte

Mike Lecomte sent Les Nelwins, his first 8c, in the small cliff of Vercorin (Switzerland). This performance crowns long months of training.

Chili exploration 2008

Alpinisme Chili exploration 2008

After having to cancel their trip last year because of a mountaineering accident, Wim Debruyn and Peter Vanhoof flew of last Tuesday for the snowy slopes of Chili.

Everything about Chloé

Mix Everything about Chloé

We already knew Chloé Graftiaux was addicted to bouldering, we know a bit less that she is also addicted to mountaineering.

Hasse-Brandler for Truyens and Dockx

Alpinisme Hasse-Brandler for Truyens and Dockx

David Truyens and Koen Dockx did last week Hasse-Brandler a route on the Cima Grande (2999 meters) in the Dolomites. 500 meters grading VIII/7a+.

Belclimb 9 years anniversary

Mix Belclimb 9 years anniversary

It's a great day. Belclimb celebrates today its 9th anniversary. We would like to thank you all for your incredible fidelity.

Ultime 8c+ for De Boeck

Rock Ultime 8c+ for De Boeck

Jérôme De Boeck makes fun in South of France. A week after his friend Gabor Szekely he sent Ultimate sacrifice, 8c+ (his first), and two other 8c.

Muriel water soloing

Rock Muriel water soloing

After competition comes pleasure. Staying in Mallorca for a few days Muriel Sarkany tried Psycho bouldering. Scary!

Favresse bites the Cobra Crack

Rock Favresse bites the Cobra Crack

It is done. After a few days and many attempts Nico Favresse made the second ascent of the Cobra Crack, 5.14 b/c (8c/c+) in Squamish.

Muriel 8th in Chamonix

Competition Muriel 8th in Chamonix

Second round of the Lead climbing World cup this weekend in Chamonix and second finale for Muriel Sarkany which finishes 8th.

Big wall Fiesta

Rock Big wall Fiesta

The two biggest Big Wall eaters of Belgium set out again in ramble. Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva landed recently in Squamish (Canada) and seem to make a lot of fun.

New semi for Chloé Graftiaux

Competition New semi for Chloé Graftiaux

In the french Montauban, climbers need to send 4 semi-final routes to reach the ultimate stage. Unfortunately for Chloé Graftiaux, she only topped two of those. She finished 17th.

Muriel 7th in Qinghai

Competition Muriel 7th in Qinghai

Nice start of the season for Muriel Sarkany with a 7th place during the first round of the lead World Cup in Qinghai in China. On the front rows, the youngsters from Austria.

Sean and Nico in Wales

Rock Sean and Nico in Wales

A few days before their departure for Canada, we finally know the real story of the stay of Sean Villanueva and Nico Favresse in Wales, the motherland of traditional climbing.

Belclimb now member of

Mix Belclimb now member of

Belclimb recently subscribed to the climbing website network The purpose of the network is to exchange informations and pictures between websites.

Klaas sent Esperanza, 8b+

Rock Klaas sent Esperanza, 8b+

Last Friday Klaas Willems managed to climb Esperanza, 8b+ at his tenth try.

11th place for Chloé in Fiera

Competition 11th place for Chloé in Fiera

Chloé Graftiaux finished 11th during the 5th round of the Boulder climbing Worldcup in Fiera di Primiero last weekend.

Rock Junior in Arco

Competition Rock Junior in Arco

Results of the 7th edition of the Rock Junior in Arco: 2nd place for Loïc Timmermans and 10th place for Marie Vassart.

Chloé 8th in Vail

Competition Chloé 8th in Vail

It took a trip to the U.S. to see Chloé Graftiaux take a place in the top 10 of a bouldering World Cup. She ends 8th in Vail, Colorado.

Anna Stöhr wins again in Grindelwald

Competition Anna Stöhr wins again in Grindelwald

While Chloé Graftiaux gets an encouraging 11th place, Anna Stöhr marked the spirits by winning in Grindelwald for the third time in a row this year.

Let the search begin

Mix Let the search begin

9045 subjects, more than 135.000 messages. You will find all and nothing on the Belclimb forums. The new search engine is online.

Muriel wins the Dima RockMaster

Competition Muriel wins the Dima RockMaster

After 4 years without an internationale victory, Muriel Sarkany won this Saturday the Dima RockMaster of Bilbao.

2nd place for Chloé at the Freestone Contest

Competition 2nd place for Chloé at the Freestone Contest

At the Freestone Contest last Saturday, 188 from everywhere in France, but also one from Belgium: Chloé Graftiaux who ends 2nd.

Dawa Steven on top of the Lhotse

Alpinisme Dawa Steven on top of the Lhotse

Dawa Steven Sherpa, half-Nepalian, half-Belgian, reach the summit of the Lhotse (8516 m) this Wednesday 21th of March at 8h35. This was his third 8000.

Belgium on top in Prague

Competition Belgium on top in Prague

3 podiums for our team during the first round of the European Youth Series. A historical competition. Mathilde Brumagne, 1st in junior, Chloé Matheys and Romane Herson respectively 2nd and 3rd in youth B.

Youth Climbing Color Festival

Competition Youth Climbing Color Festival

Over 182 youngs participated in the Youth Color Climbing Festival that took place in Imst last weekend. Among them, 5 Belgians including Loïc Timmermans who wins the comp in his category.

Nico repeats Greenspit, 8b+ trad

Rock Nico repeats Greenspit, 8b+ trad

After seven tries over two days, Nicolas Favresse managed to do Greenspit, a unique 8b+ situated in the Orco Valley.

Chloé 12th in St Leu

Competition Chloé 12th in St Leu

Second round of the Boulder World Cup last weekend on the island of la Réunion. Chloé Graftiaux ends up 12th. 7 places better than two weeks ago.

8b+ for De Boeck

Rock 8b+ for De Boeck

Small weekend in France for Jérôme De Boeck. He comes back to Belgium with a new 8b+: Mais c'est qu'un crétin.

A blog for the Belgian Youth Climbing Team

Mix A blog for the Belgian Youth Climbing Team

New! See all the informations of our youngsters on the blog of the Belgian Youth Climbing Team.

Open de la Méditerranée

Competition Open de la Méditerranée

Loïc Timmermans confirmed his good shape during the first International youth competition of the year in Aix en Provence. He ends first in his category.

Chloé, 19th in Austria

Competition Chloé, 19th in Austria

In Hall, Chloé Graftiaux ends up 19th of the first round of the bouldering World Cup.

First 8c+ for Gabor Szekely

Rock First 8c+ for Gabor Szekely

Gabor Szekely did his first 8c+ with La Novena Puerta in Santa Linya.

The youngs of the CAB-RCT in good shape

Rock The youngs of the CAB-RCT in good shape

A bunch of 8 for the CAB-YCT on their trip in the Tarn. 8a on sight for Mathilde Brumagne, first 8a at 12 for Loïc Timmerans.

First 8c for Muriel

Rock First 8c for Muriel

The pockets of Drop City couldn't stop Muriel Sarkany. She did her first 8c in Geyikbayiri.

Chloé Graftiaux, 3rd... French

Competition Chloé Graftiaux, 3rd... French

During her preparation for the bouldering internationale season, Chloé Graftiaux grabbed a 3rd place during the French championship.

The cliffs in Presles might be closed

Rock The cliffs in Presles might be closed

The cliffs of Presles could be closed by a small amount of local owners. If you like this cliff a petition is available online:

Nicolas Favresse out in Arco

Rock Nicolas Favresse out in Arco

A nice trip for Nicolas Favresse to Arco. He also took advantage out of the extraordinary conditions in the North of Italy last week to realize two routes opened by Rolan

Chloé Graftiaux 4th in Kandersteg

Competition Chloé Graftiaux 4th in Kandersteg

Chloé Graftiaux started ice competition this weekend. It was during the Ice Climbing Festival of Kandersteg in Switzerland.

On the road of Pakistan... Project

 On the road of Pakistan... Project

The first projection of the expedition CAB Pakistan Project will take place Thursday 10th of January at 8 pm with the whole teal. Meeting place, the Don Bosco?s auditoriu

8a+ boulder for Didier Mottart in Albarracin

Rock 8a+ boulder for Didier Mottart in Albarracin

This week a couple of Belgians went for the holidays to Albarracin taking advantage of the cold winter conditions. Didier Mottart accomplishes his first 8a Quebra Mentes,

Wadi Rum, a Jordanian pearl

Rock Wadi Rum, a Jordanian pearl

Researches on Internet to discover tips to climb in Wadi Rum will make you discover a real gold mine. The Jordanian pearl is advised for its opportunities of trad climbin

Happy new year 2008!

 Happy new year 2008!

Belclimb?s redaction team wishes you a happy new year with plenty of satisfaction. Let good health and crazy project fill 2008 for everyone!