Bleau Open 2007: results of a sensational competition

Competition Bleau Open 2007: results of a sensational competition

The Bleau Open Bouldering Sensations 2007 held all its promises. A competition at the international level with an international podium. Among the women, our invincible Ch

Seán Villanueva does Carabistouilles

Rock Seán Villanueva does Carabistouilles

Who would have thought about it? Our international Seán, king of the slackline, of big walls and now of 8b+. Taking advantages of the winter conditions this Saturday in F

Mathilde Brumagne wins in Kranj

Competition Mathilde Brumagne wins in Kranj

By being the only one to top out the final route of the Slovenian round of the European Youth Series, Mathilde Brumagne does better than winning that comp in Kranj. She t

CAB Pakistan Project conferences

Links CAB Pakistan Project conferences

Book your agendas for the conferences of the CAB Pakistan Project (Seán Villanueva, Adam Pustelnik, Olivier and Nicolas Favresse). 7 dates are already announced, the firs

Seán tests the slackline of

Gear guide Seán tests the slackline of

Until now we were used to by slings for slackline in specialised shops and to build it as we could. Seán Villanueva as a master of the slack discovered the Advanced Kit&n

Ruben Beckers does 8b+

Rock Ruben Beckers does 8b+

Ruben Beckers aka Sticky Finger is in Turkey for a couple of months, Geyikbayiri more precisely. And this has a good effect knowing his last realization: he does Trebenna

Muriel Sarkany ends up with bronze in Kranj

Competition Muriel Sarkany ends up with bronze in Kranj

In Kranj this weekend, Muriel Sarkany ends her 15th season at the highest international level. Despite an 8th place in the finals, she gets a bronze medal in the general

Slackline, for strong sensations

 Slackline, for strong sensations

It was during fall 1999. Sean Villanueva discovered the world of slackline, some sort of balance game on a slightly tight sling. Now he has become a master of it. To disc

Chloé Graftiaux 23rd in Brno

Competition Chloé Graftiaux 23rd in Brno

The season ends less well then it started for Chloé Graftiaux. During the final round of the bouldering World Cup this weekend in Brno in Czech Republic, she ends 23rd. W

The militaries have fun in Chamonix

Competition The militaries have fun in Chamonix

Like each year, the climbers of the Belgian military team went to Chamonix for the Climbing military championship 2007 (7 & 8 November). Result: plenty of medals: 4 g

Back on the World Cup in Valence

Competition Back on the World Cup in Valence

Valence proved once more during the last World Cup that France was really at the top considering the organization. At only one round of the end of the World Cup the fight

Chloé Graftiaux, quene of pull-ups

 Chloé Graftiaux, quene of pull-ups

In Valence this weekend, we could see Chloé Graftiaux win a pull-up contest. Nothing great about it except that she did 27 pull-ups in 30 seconds! Only one boy did b

Jérôme De Boeck does Carabistouilles

Rock Jérôme De Boeck does Carabistouilles

Jérôme De Boeck reduced a little bit more his list of hard routes to do in Freyr. He did yesterday Carabistouilles, 8b+. Quickly and properly...

Sarkany 4th in Valence

Competition Sarkany 4th in Valence

With a 4th place in Valence, Muriel Sarkany gets closer and closer to the final podium of the lead Climbing World Cup. The fight for the win is really tight for the women

Slideshow Tim Teerlinck in Shingen

Rock Slideshow Tim Teerlinck in Shingen

Three months ago Tim Teerlinck did Shingen, the most popular 8b in Freyr. Martijn Sermeus took some pictures of him. Click here to see the result.