Warming up, stretching and cooling down

Indoor climbing Warming up, stretching and cooling down

Warming up, stretching and cooling down are things we all do during our climbing sessions. Still you have to know how to do it well. As a piece of advice, read what Tijl

Knowing everything about canyoning

cany Knowing everything about canyoning

A good bath from time to time doesn?t hurt. In a canyon, it?s even better! Still you have to know the bases of this intense but risky activity. Our specialist Tijl on a l

Noé Berger, a young Luxemburgish who moves

Competition Noé Berger, a young Luxemburgish who moves

We often meet Noé Berger in our gyms during climbing competitions. This time this 15 years old Luxemburgish went outdoor to do Hasta la vista gringo, 8b at Berdorf a rout

8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Rock 8b+ trad for Nicolas Favresse

Father's Day at Donner Summit in California is one of the hardest trad 8b+ at the moment. Knowing the crux is without any bolts and with the risk of a 15 meters fall... i

September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Gear guide September?s BCN shop - Part 2

Forget the first missed attempts of Mammut in making climbing shoes. It is now another big opponent present in this sector already full. Here, the all new Goblin, scratch

Chloé crushes resistance at Nice

Competition Chloé crushes resistance at Nice

Chloé Graftiaux offered herself her first big international senior victory. This was at the La Colmiane?s international boulder Open where gathered all leaders of the dis

Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

Alpinisme Patagonia Dreams: don?t miss it!

They went all through Patagonia looking for extrem routes and sensations. They came back with full memories and pictures in their head. To share them, nothing such as tak

Nico Favresse lost in translation

Rock Nico Favresse lost in translation

After freeing l'Appât last year, it seemed like Nicolas Favresse had fell in love with the Yosemite. On this 30th of august he freed another route this time on El Cap nam

Our juniors victorious in The Netherlands

Competition Our juniors victorious in The Netherlands

The third Climbing for Kids meeting took place last weekend in Amsterdam. As usual our juniors were brilliant and got this time a first place (one more) for Loïc Timmerma

September BCN shop - Part 1

Gear guide September BCN shop - Part 1

Amateur of indoor and outdoor climbing, Tijl has recently climbed with the new Boreal Joker Velcro: extra comfortable climbing shoes with a rubber getting better and bett

Chloé, very deserving sportswoman

 Chloé, very deserving sportswoman

Two years after Muriel Sarkany, it?s Chloé Graftiaux who was rewarded this Tuesday with the Trophé du Mérite sportif de la Communauté française, a reward granted to deser

Martin Content in good shape!

Rock Martin Content in good shape!

After doing three 8b?s in three weeks, Martin Content surely regrets not to go more often in Rodellar. His stay in Spain permitted him to do Alter Ego, Gladiator and Bota

Chloé Graftiaux, 8th at the Arco?s Rock Master

Competition Chloé Graftiaux, 8th at the Arco?s Rock Master

It had been quite a while since a Belgian athlete hadn?t had the privilege of competing in one of the world?s finest competition: the Arco?s Rock Master. Chloé Graftiauxr