Hasse-Brandler for Truyens and Dockx

Alpinisme Hasse-Brandler for Truyens and Dockx

David Truyens and Koen Dockx did last week Hasse-Brandler a route on the Cima Grande (2999 meters) in the Dolomites. 500 meters grading VIII/7a+.

Belclimb 9 years anniversary

Mix Belclimb 9 years anniversary

It's a great day. Belclimb celebrates today its 9th anniversary. We would like to thank you all for your incredible fidelity.

Ultime 8c+ for De Boeck

Rock Ultime 8c+ for De Boeck

Jérôme De Boeck makes fun in South of France. A week after his friend Gabor Szekely he sent Ultimate sacrifice, 8c+ (his first), and two other 8c.