Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

Alpinisme Great Trango Tower?s summit for 4 young Belgians

An Laenen, Hans Mariën, Jasper De Coninck and Stijn Dekeyser, four Youngs from 16 to 25, just conquered the Great Trango Tower within the context of the VBSF Mount Coach

You should have been at Gdansk

Competition You should have been at Gdansk

No vacations for our youngsters. Fourteen of them made the trip to Gdansk in Poland where stood the second round of the European Youth Cup. With the absence of some leade

BCN Shop: July 2006

Gear guide BCN Shop: July 2006

Did you say hot temperature? Nothing better then than drag a light and breathable pant. But it's still not easy with 30°C. Happy for us, we tested it 

Live from Omblèze

Rock Live from Omblèze

The scorching heat doesn?t stop motivated climbers, some even keep climbing with talent. At Omblèze in the Vercors (France) where the daily temperature didn?t pass under

Sarkany 8th in Chamonix

Competition Sarkany 8th in Chamonix

Angela Eiter will not stop to surprise us. In Chamonix during the last lead World Cup round she finished first ten moves after her closest opponent, French Caroline Ciava

Ekaterinburg: to forget as soon as possible

Competition Ekaterinburg: to forget as soon as possible

There are things to forget as soon as possible. Days while climbing seems difficult. Even sometimes clouds or storm make climbing impossible. What happens during the Euro