Mammut Pro & Velpro: for the pros???

Gear guide Mammut Pro & Velpro: for the pros???

Mammut made some great effort since their first climbing shoes. The Swiss are now (almost) at the same level then the other great brands. New illustration with the climbi

Graftiaux, 6th at Fiera di Primiero

Competition Graftiaux, 6th at Fiera di Primiero

Chloé Graftiaux alternates good and bad. Two weeks after Grindelwald where she missed the semi, she gets a 6th place in the finale of the stage at Fiera di Primiero. At o

Ski trekking at the Grand Combin

Alpinisme Ski trekking at the Grand Combin

Wim De Bruyn and Peter Van Hoof will fly out to Chili next September. Their goal: to ascend and go down by skiing a maximum of summits between 3000 and 6000 meters. Last

Durnal, climbing cool

Rock Durnal, climbing cool

Encouraged by the edition of the new guidebook of Durnal edited by the VBSF (Flemish Mountainering Federation), we asked ourselves: why not go there and have a look to se

No final for Muriel in Zürich

Competition No final for Muriel in Zürich

Did the passing of torch occur this weekend in Zürich? One could believe it seeing the finalists list of the second round of the IFSC Lead Climbing Worldcup. Six of them

New LedLenser HeadFire Revolution headlamp

Gear guide New LedLenser HeadFire Revolution headlamp

Headlamps, there aren?t only the most famous. Some brands even manage to produce a quality material at the same level as other brand commonly known. It?s the case of LedL

Belgians in difficulty in Grindelwald

Competition Belgians in difficulty in Grindelwald

None of our climber gone to Grindelwald this weekend could manage the boulders proposed during the qualifications. A Swiss stage of the IFSC Boulder Climbing Worldcup to

Becoming international judge, easy...

Competition Becoming international judge, easy...

One week after presenting the work of of two aspirant route setters, it was time for us to introduce the most thankless job of a competition: judge. Masters of the rules,

Boulderen aan de Kaai, Saturday 30th of June

 Boulderen aan de Kaai, Saturday 30th of June

Yeah, it?s going to be great! A bouldering competition just next to the Escaut in Antwerp. A kind of contest never seen in Belgium for ages. Mark 'Boulderen aan de Kaai'

Chloé Graftiaux explodes the holds in Argonay

Competition Chloé Graftiaux explodes the holds in Argonay

It has become a habit. Each time Chloé Graftiaux takes part in a competition in France, she beats the best bouldering climbers of the country. This time it was during the

A lexicon for climbing?

 A lexicon for climbing?

In one way or an another manufacturers compete to ease the lecture of their catalogue to make it a pleasant moment to pass. Petzl is part of them in 2007 with a brick of