OVJK pictures

Competition OVJK pictures

We've got some nice pictures by Laurens Put and our editor-in-chief of the Open Flemish Youth Climbing Championship of last weekend (comments are in Dutch).

How to climb 8b?

Indoor climbing How to climb 8b?

The answer is rather simple: change your name in Jerome Abraham, go to Stone Age (Woluwe) and climb the latest masterpiece of Tintin... the pictures are over here, with a

Ethics in route setting

Competition Ethics in route setting

We are informed that the routes of the UIAA Worldcup edition in Kranj were built by the personal trainer of Martina Cufar. This has happened for the second year in a row.

Muriel holds World Cup

Competition Muriel holds World Cup

After the WC round at Kranj (SLO), where Muriel Sarkany became second, Muriel has won the World Cup with a difference of 15 point to Martina Cufar. Our congratulations!


Competition Pictures

Here are some great pictures from last week's competitions: Klimindoor Masters & Future Sports Climbing competition.

USA bouldering trip

Rock USA bouldering trip

Francis Dierick has returned from the USA where he spent a whole month bouldering at Mecca, Bischop, Yosemite, Castle Rock and Joe's Valley. At Yosemite he climbed The Fo

5th victory for Muriel

Competition 5th victory for Muriel

Murel Sarkany has strenghtened her leadership in this years' UIAA WOrld Ranking. She won the Kuala Lumpur competition (MAL), before French Sandrine Levet and Suisse Annat

Lovely weather, good climbing

Rock Lovely weather, good climbing

The extra long weekend was a good motivation for the belgian climbers to show us some nice climbing: 15-year old St├ęphane Hanssens climbed 8a for the first time with Oran