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UIAA World Championship Munich

The UIAA World Championships happen in Munich from 1 to 5 July. Angela Eiter won tonight the lead climbing competition. American Emily Harrington and Japanese Akiyo Noguchi follow her on the podium. Sarkany finished last of the final after staying 4 minutes on the same move. Results of other belgian girls: they didn't pass through the qualifications (ChloĆ© Graftiaux 34th and Kim Anthoni 46th).
Surprise during the men's final, 3 tops! The semi-final results decide of the World Championship titel: 1st Tomas Mrazek, 2nd Paxti Usobiaga and 3th Alexandre Chabot.
[update] In speed, Belgian Salah Boulbahaiem takes the 29th position on 45 competitors!
[update 2] ChloĆ© Graftiaux and Kim Anthoni finished 39th and 43th in the bouldering competition. Final victory came to Rakhmetov and Shalagina.
To resume these five days of climbing, Hubert wrote us an up-to-date report.