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ChloƩ Caulier, 4th at the Climbing Works International Festival

Chloé Caulier's recent climbing choices seem to pay off. Decided to focus on bouldering, her climbing level keeps going up since. About ten days ago she sent Coup de force 7C+ in Fontainebleau. The gap between rock and plastic is huge, she still had to prove her improvement in competition.
She had the chance last Saturday. Chloé decided to climb against the World's best climbers during the first event of the IFSC calendar this year: the Climbing Works International Festival in Sheffield. She tells us: "This open competition is a good preparation for the international bouldering season: World Cup routesetters and top level climbers meet up each year." This choice was a good one. 5th at the end of the qualifications, she enters the final after on sighting 3 boulders out of the 4 proposed during the semi. Despite some mistakes due to her inexperience, Chloé climbs at her best. She tops the first boulder second go and fall off the final hold of the third. She ends up 4th in the final, which makes her say: "The CWIF 2014 is the best experience I had up to now on a competition, with a totally unexpected result that I don't really realize yet !"
Specialization pays. By focusing her training, the Belgian reached for the first time the last round of an international adult competition. Just like her, the British Shauna Coxsey and the French Thomas Caleyron are bouldering specialists. They reach the highest march of the podium.

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