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March 15 2000, 


Spring is in the air! And this year it seems to come sooner than ever. February had a lot of marvellous days and by some moments it was even possible to climb in T-shirt. On such moments, men start dreaming.... about rocks further away than Freyr, Phra-Nang for example, the biggest climbing area in Thailand.


Climbing in Thailand is a relative new website, maintained by an American citizen who lives and works there. Besides info about Phra-Nang this website contents a lot of info about other areas in that country. This info is just restricted to story's and photos.... For practical information you don't have to be here (therefore I found for some other websites -see bottom of this page-).

The lay-out of this site has just been redesignedS and is very clear (only the collection of banners bungels it a bit). Unfortunately a lot of pictures were lost by this remake (although it were just those pictures that made this website so interesting) and on every page I got a JavaScript error.

For each area, a seperate page is provided. Inspired by the pictures, Simon Foley tellse us about his "exciting adventures" in Thailand: there was a touch of blue sky when I took this photo. It is rare this week, so I am taking all I get (the picture that remains to this text seemsnot to exist, alike all the other pictures on this page). Nevertheless this site contains a lot of interesting pages from wich the linkpage probably will be the most interesting.... but I couldn't verify this because this page was also missing.

My opinion

Climbing in Thailand is a very young website and is still growing. I'm sure in the future his childrens' complains will be conquered. If you doubt whether to go climbing in Thailand, this site can influence your decission and for the other ones, it's surely a site to dream away, the climbing paradise seams really to exist!

You can find Climbing in Thailand at

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