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LedLenser HeadFire Revolution

A compact and powerful headlamp

June 11 2007, 

LedLenser HeadFire Revolution

Holiday idleness decorated with cheap bungalows and camp-sites are the dreamed occasion to test a headlamp. For my part, Easter was synonymous with voyages abroad. On the one hand for the climbing with the camp-site of Buis-les-Baronnies and on the other hand for snowboarding in a doubtful apartment of Les Deux Alpes. To accompany me my headlamp HeadFire Revolution from LedLenser.

LedLenser HeadFire Revolution

The HeadFire Revolution is a headlamp with only one LED but this one completely fills the task which is allocated to it. A dimmer located on the battery allows an easy adjustment of the illumination, visible - according to the catalogue - up to 3km. The three AAA batteries are probably the cause. The rubber band surrounding the head makes a good centimeter of width which avoids generating useless pressure but also facilitates the port of the lamp for a long time. The only negative point that I could detect is the faculty of tilting it. As usual it goes up to 85° but one will need several tests to be familiarized with the use of the machine. The first times, you will surely turn on the lamp accidentally during the operation.
In Les Deux Alpes I hoped I could be able to test the lamp in colder temperatures. Here also without any problems. Perhaps that the climatic change was there for something?

To finish the test, I took the headlamp on the paths of Meerdaelwoud. Nothing such as a night jogging to get another feeling. During 40 minutes in the wood, the lamp stood proudly on my cranium without obvious feeling of irritation. For sure, it?s never pleasant to carry a headlamp during a jogging but with this one I should renew the experience more than once.

Since the beginnings of LedLenser in the garage of the Opolka twins in Solingen, the mark made significant progress to place its products in the first places of the market of headlamps. They spent much time drawing new products and to improve them even more. You can discover the result of their work since 2003 in the majority of the specialized stores. Beside headlamps there should be less technical objects like V9 Laserpointer, a laser quite useful for trainers and route setters who wish to point quickly a hold without looking like a business man ;)

Technical details


Compact and powerful

Activities recommended

Climbing, trekking, daily activities

Lighting distance

Ray visible up to more than 3 km (1,25 Watt LED)


from 50 to 120 hours


116 grams

Advised public price

54,90 EUR





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