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Emotions on the World Youth climbing Championship

Emotions on the World Youth climbing Championship

Last weekend over 400 athletes made a trip on the island of Vancouver in Canada for the World Youth lead climbing Championshiph. Among them, 6 Belgians to defend our country.
At the end of the first day, Anak Verhoeven, Loic Timmermans and Celine Cuypers qualify themselves for the semi-finals. The day after, they are joined by Nicolas Collin who tops his second qualification route. Emilie Guérit finishes 3rd of here category while Chloé Caulier touches the last hold of here route. Our whole team makes it to the second round.
In semi-finals, the Belgians have mixed results. A deception for Loic who ends 9th in the junior category and misses the final for one place.
Loic : "Despite a better wall than last year, the semi-final route didn't seem to be a competition route for me. It had too many cruxes. I never got into the rythm."
Emilie, Nicolas and Chloé also hopped a better result. But, with her 8th place, Celine Cuypers makes it to the finals of the B category and so does Anak Verhoeven with a second place in the A category.
A couple of hours latter, Celine opens the final round and falls in a tricky sequence on features. Four girls in her category fell at the same move. Celine keeps her 8th place she got in the semi. At the end of the day, Anak has the same final route. Despite some big risks she took in the first part, she makes it to the final roof where she climbs more easily until the last moves. Julie Chanourdie (FRA) falls a the end of the roof. Anak falls one hold before the top and Jessica Pilz (AUT) who climbed better than the Belgian in the semi, falls at the same move than Anak in the final. Anak finishes second, as in 2012 and 2010.
Anak : "I'm very happy despite the fact I was very close from winning. I could have fallen much earlier in the route. I'm particularly happy of the way I climbed."

Results of the belgian delegation at the World Youth championship in Central Saanich


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