Movie Bleau Open 2008

Movie Bleau Open 2008

December 23 2008, 

The Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation 2008 was a great show as usual. The 22nd and 23rd of November, brave where those who came despite the snow and the cold to the 9th edition of this competition. Chloé Graftiaux and the French Kevin Lopata won.

Discover here under the video of the competition. Your comments are welcomed ;-)

Photography: Hube, Flying Squirrel
Editing: Flying Squirrel

At the end of the comp, Renaat Will, organiser, answered a couple of questions for us.

Hello Renaat, how was the 9th edition of the Bleau Open Bouldering Sensations?

Renaat Will: The 9th edition was really good. We had less competitors then last year but this is probably due to the weather. This crazy snow persuaded a couple of people to stay at home for sure.
For the rest, we received many congratulations from the climbers. The boulders were very well set. I want to thank the routesetting team who worked very much and very late to set all the boulders in two days.

Are there other people who help you to organize this event?

Of course, the organization wasn't only made by me. A very important team worked for the Bleau Open. Not only 6 routesetters but a bunch of people who came very early to stay very late. Prepare the evening, stay until 6 a.m., clean to gym, replace all the holds so that every climber can climb on clean holds.

We can say this 9th edition was a success. What do you plan for the 10th edition next year?

We really think that the climbers associate directly the Bleau Open to the place to be, the competition of the year. I think the 10th edition will be really big. We are now going to think at how to organize next year. Over a year until next edition. That should be enough to think about it. Who knows where the competition will be organized? Outside? We'll see.

The Bleau Open Bouldering Sensation is once again won by a foreign climber. Once more a French man wins. Is it the goal of the gym?

The goal isn't really to have a foreign climber to win the comp. Kevin Lopata still climbed 8B+ in Fontainebleau. This year though we decided to set more boulders (35 instead of 30 in 2007) to split the best, but also to propose to the local climbers of the gym more boulders to climb.

Good luck for next edition!


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Peut-être que les Français attendus étaient à Fontainebleau sous la neige... Ils auraient mieux fait de venir

En tous cas, chouette film


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