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Quinzaine Chloé Graftiaux from the 21st till the 31st of August 2011

Sharing the passion for climbing


Already a year passed since Chloé Graftiaux was tragically killed. In her memory, her parents organize a ten-day event in cooperation with the Syndicat d’initiative de la ville de Jambes and the Club Alpin Belge. The event aims at passing on Chloé’s passion for climbing. The event will be held from Sunday the 21st till Wednesday 31st of August. You can take part in several cultural and sporting activities. Here below a taster of what can be expected.

Sunday 21/8

Opening of the photography exposition on Chloé Graftiaux.

Opening hours: Monday till Friday from 13h30 till 17h30, Saturday from 9h till 13h and Sunday from 14h till 18h
Location: Seigneurie d’Anhaive, parking Carrefour in Jambes, Place Jean de Flandres 1, 5100 Jambes
Price: free

Wednesday 24/8

L’Ecole des Valises organizes a workshop for kids on the topic of mountains and climbing.

Location: Seigneurie d’Anhaive
Starts at: 14h
Prize: free
Register at: - Contact: [email protected]

Thursday 25/8

Film screening of Belgian director Didier Hill-Derive’s movie, « Des hommes sur la montagne » which tells the story of Quentin Delavignette, one of the very few Belgian guides, trying to pass his exams of Guide de Haute Montagne at the Ecole nationale de ski et d’alpinisme in Chamonix. With added stunning scenery, of course.

Location: auditorium des mutualités chrétiennes, Rue du Lombard (NR) 8, 5000 Namur
Starts at: 19h30
Prize: free - maximum number of viewers: 100

Friday 26/8

Debate on mountain rescue and safety with Jean-François Mercier, gendarme secouriste of the Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne de Chamonix (PGHM). Reservation mandatory.

Location: auditorium des mutualités chrétiennes, Rue du Lombard(NR) 8, 5000 Namur
Starts at: 15h30 (till 17h)
Prize: free - maximum number of participants: 100
Reservation: [email protected] - Phone: 081/ 23 43 20

Drink offered by the CAB en film screening by Jean-François Mercier.

Location: auditorium des mutualités chrétiennes, Rue du Lombard (NR) 8, 5000 Namur
Starts at: 19h30
Prize: free - maximum number of participants: 100

Saturday 27/8 OPEN CLIMB CAB 2011

Major event in Freyr, under supervision of licensed CAB-personnel. This gathering will bring together a wide array of climbers, friends of Chloé’s, national and international climbers, and just about anyone even slightly interested in climbing. You will have the chance to try your hand at climbing toprope, multipitch, descending, a deathride – 400 m spanning the Maas, the largest ever in Belgium-, hiking. There will be a jazz band, a brilliant atmosphere, ...

Location: Freyr
Prize: 2€ for non-members of CAB or any other UIAA or IFSC-federation.

Be aware that there is a maximum number of participants for the deathride (300 participants) and that reservation is mandatory. You can reserve following this link.
Starts at: 9h (till 18h30)

Grand descent (+/- 80m)
Starts at: 9h (till 18h)
Prize: free - maximum numbers of participants: 60

Apéro and BBQ
Starts at: 18h

Film screening: ‘CHLOE GRAFTIAUX PASSION TOGETHER’ & ‘VERTICAL SAILING’. Chloé's parents and the Piolet d’Or Chamonix 2011 team, the Favresse-brothers and Sean Villanueva will be attending.
Starts at: 18h30 and again at 20h30

Wednesday 31/8 OPEN CLIMB CAB 2011

Via ferrata (minimum height 1,40m), under supervision of licenced CAB-personnel.

Location: Namur (Grands Malades)
Starts at: 14h (till 17h30)

Maximum numbers of participants: 80

Good to know

All necessary material is on site for the different activities. However, track shoes are recommended. In case of rain, the deathride, apero, BBQ and the film screenings will proceed as planned. The other activities however, could be rescheduled in case of bad weather. In this case, all entrance fees will be refunded.

En cas d’annulation d’une animation pour raison météorologique, les organisateurs s’engagent à rembourser les participants.

The book and DVD on Chloé Graftiaux are available for purchase during the entire event. All profits benefit the newly found organisation Chloé Graftiaux Passion Together.

More information is available on Chloé Graftiaux Passion Together
Full agenda and details available on Club Alpin Belge